Across the divide

Fanny_und_Julia_(Penzel)Not all followers are congenial. A.L. Luttrell followed me, so I checked out his blog and found “Should Obama be impeached or tried for treason?” No, I would say. Simple enough question. Commenters divided on whether he should be hanged- hanging a black man, after all the Lynchings, looks bad- but I had difficulty discerning what was the purported treason. “Argus” thought he might suspend the constitution and rule as a dictator, a paranoia too far. Jimbo complained of people spending billions in campaigns- I agree that is a problem- but he thought the solution was to limit government power, not campaign spending. Nootkabear accused the President of “destroying our beloved nation”: perhaps everything he does is as hateful as treason to them.

“Aiding and abetting terrorists”, said wanderingtruthseeker. Luttrell agreed. Was it the prisoner swap of five Taliban for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl?

Harley said that Jesus was not tolerant, and we should not be tolerant of Obama’s disregard for the constitution either. “Render unto Caesar”, “Go the extra mile”- Jesus was completely tolerant of Roman arbitrary power, unlike many of his countrymen.

The vice-president would succeed, and they don’t think that would be an improvement.

Fanny and JuliaNanarhonda commented there, and revealed she believes Obama was not born a citizen of the US, so was not eligible to be President, and that ISIS have found Saddam’s WMDs in Iraq. This appears to be untrue, yet another partisan scare story.

I had a look at Nanarhonda’s blog, and found Matthew 24 NKJV- unfolding before our eyes? It depends what you mean by unfolding. Isaiah used apocalyptic language about Babylon’s conquest of Jerusalem, and to me Jesus’ language refers to the Jewish wars. Jesus saw the uppity Jews and the increasingly oppressive Romans, and prophesied this would end in war. This does not mean the end of the laws of physics, but the upending of society as we know it. And ever since the gospels were written, somewhere on Earth a society has been being destroyed by war. Always, somewhere, there are sorrows, tribulations, betrayal and deceit. This does not mean the coming of a Kingdom of Heaven in the “Left Behind” sense: insofar as it exists, the Kingdom of Heaven is the way of life of Jesus’ followers.

So I agree with Rhonda that the Islamic State persecution of Christians fits this, but not that it portends a Second Coming. In her comments she says some seem to think that God is American, even Republican, “And he is SO NOT!”

If I saw her merely as a Birther, so deluded and ridiculous, I would miss this point. God is of all people, not just her kind. I agree. That is a huge step towards empathy and respect for all people.

But there is more. She reached out to me in this comment. We have been emailing. It seems to me that she feels her society is threatened by gay pride, yet she met a lesbian for whom she had great respect, and now she wants to understand. She has told me something of the work she did, and I am sure if I had seen her there I would have liked her and respected her for it.

First I heard the fear anger and (I think) delusion- Obama is president through deceit, a traitor- and find this ridiculous and horrible. But then I see the person, and like her. I love her reaching out to me, in an attempt to understand.

11 thoughts on “Across the divide

  1. I appreciate what you say about Jesus in regards to Rome and the whole Kingdom of Heaven/God thing–that the Kingdom is not and “end to the law of physics.” To me, it seems the Jesus of Christianity had long forgotten the Jesus of history–even though doctrinally he is God and man. Seems the latter is not emphasized enough and when the humanity of Jesus is ignored, one does not actually look to what it was he was doing and what he was actually saying and you are right, I believe, Jesus’s message was pointedly social and political.


    • At all times we have had people building the Kingdom on Earth. Yesterday I was instructed to sing about something around Heaven after death, which I deprecate, but there have been times and places where Heaven after death was the only thing to cling to, because life on Earth was so awful.

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  2. Darling, we are all limited in our own ways. We just happened to have been born in Western Europe at a good time.
    It may be very easy for us to find Waldo in these cases, but we must be confident they’re doing the best they can with what is at their reach.
    People can only do better when they know better, and that’s quite a hill to climb in many cases. Or do I mean mountain?


  3. Clare, I haven’t forgotten you, my friend! Just stopped by to say Hi and let you know that I have seen all of your posts by email and just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten you!

    Rhonda aka nanarhonda


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