Chester walls

Here there is a crook in the wall, to enfilade invaders at the gate or provide a vantage for photography. There is always someone with a camera or phone there, sometimes a queue.


To the left there is a colonnade. Not the Colosseum, but we take what we can get. The gate overlooks it:

from the gate 1

from the gate

As I looked down on it, a Scouse bloke blundered into me, and covered his embarrassment by brandishing his white stick and starting up a conversation about the hypocaust, there behind the trees.

Here is the view from the East gate, also crowded with people with cameras.

From the East gate

6 thoughts on “Chester walls

  1. It’s wonderful to see these photos.
    This is taken from the under the clock, I think? Yes?
    I see the Grosvenor Hotel on the left. I used to work for Steiner’s which is in the adjacent Arcade and backs onto the hotel.
    Eastgate Street was not pedestrianized then.
    In the distance is Watergate Street – I used to work there as well!



  2. I was in San Francisco this week and I too suffered the same frustration of trying to take beautiful pictures, but wishing these other people with their own cameras would just get out of my way!! What can we do?!?


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