The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Birthplace of Kim il sung, photo by NicorWe know all about them, of course, the most oppressive regime on Earth, forbidding the internet, now playing stupid games with ICBMs and nuclear weapons, and regulating even haircuts. What have they to say for themselves?

First, The DPRK is the Juche-oriented socialist state which embodies the idea and leadership of Comrade Kim II Sung, the founder of the Republic and the father of socialist Korea. What does Juche mean? The Juche idea means, in a nutshell, that the masters of the revolution and construction are the masses of the people and that they are also the motive force of the revolution and construction.

The Juche idea is based on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything. It is the man-centred world outlook and also a political philosophy to materialize the independence of the popular masses, namely, a philosophy which elucidates the theoretical basis of politics that leads the development of society along the right path. It seeks independence in politics, selfsufficiency in the economy and self-reliance in national defence. Sexist language indicates sexism, as we will see.

North Korea is a free country recognising human rights, with free elections. People are guaranteed privacy of correspondence- unlike Angela Merkel- and their rights increase as socialism develops. They have freedom of religion. The Workers’ Party of Korea organizes and leads the revolutionary struggle and construction work in Korea in a coordinated way. It assumes full responsibility for the destiny of the entire Korean people. But there are other political parties. It seeks national unification on democratic, federalist lines, but this is blocked by the US. In foreign relations, it seeks independence, peace and friendship free from Imperialist aggression and domination.

Science flourishes, with “a lot of” research institutes and the File:On Mangyong Hill 05.JPGsuccessful launch of a satellite in Juche 87 (1998) though the US and South Korea dispute this, saying no orbit was achieved until 2012. If this makes the national economy more Juche-oriented, we learn more of what Juche means. Literature and art in the DPRK perform a mission as a textbook for life that educates the popular masses in a revolutionary way and inspire them for creative labor and as a weapon for struggle. Women’s costume is particularly graceful and beautiful.The two long cloth strings are designed for adjusting jogori. They bring the peculiar form of the Korean costume into relief. They rustle rhythmically at any slight movement or in a breeze. When Korean women feel shy, worried or distressed, they often fiddle with the strings, which cover up their awkward movements unaffectedly. The strings not only serve the purpose of fastening jogori and as ornaments but also help women behave and maintain their posture in a natural manner in their daily lives.

Filial piety is epitomised by the tradition of women severing one of their fingers to transfuse their blood to their ailing husbands or parents. A dutiful daughter-in-law looks after her husband’s parents. Kim Jong Il (sic) ensures 80th birthday banquets are sent to those who have worked until their 80th birthday, and reverences his father the eternal president on TV on the Day of the Sun (President Kim Il Sung’s birthday, April 15.), July 8 (the day of the President’s death.), and on New Year’s Day.

Photos by Nicor. This is what Amnesty International has to say.

8 thoughts on “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

  1. Good freaking whatever … I had to go back up to the beginning again to figure it out. I thought I was reading your own views. You’d gone off the deep end. I doubt they’re kind to people like is. However, now and I get it … and I see the sardonic wit. Well done.


    • Being kind to people like us would make the regimented society they have created weaker. They require conformity, and we do not conform. Having said that, we were wrong about the haircuts. Reputable organisations reported it as news, and I believed it, but the origin was satire.


      • Haircut stories or not I wouldn’t trust the PRK. What a place. It’s like a twisted version of a Disney song, “Smile and be happy, and the world will smile on you … it won’t feed you, but it will smile and teach you coordinated colored cardboard performance art.”


  2. There’s still much room in my mind to learn about how ordinary people think and live in North Korea…I suspect sun doesn’t shine and smile frequently…socialism can be a good thing when you’re rich and if not, it’s a nightmare in which the powerful thrive and rule…Perhaps the strings on women’s attire get worn out long before the fabric of the garment…


  3. You know it “sounds” like a great place to live. Too bad it sucks.
    As for a little socialism, you know I think all governments need to realize there is a time and place for everything. A lot Democracy and a little socialism. Whatever works really.


    • There are some things which are better done communally. If people use cars and buses when commuting, the cars will always get the drivers there quicker, but if people only use buses, everyone will get there quicker. Private health care in the US is a complete mess: cruel and wasteful.


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