The Truth

Kandinsky- Free curve to the point- accompanying sound of geometric curvesWhy did I blog about Creationists, anyway? Because I loathe them.

We assess the evidence from a different philosophical basis, they say. We have a right to disagree. Perhaps. But they have no right to teach a wildly distorted view of the evidence, ignoring all the detail (which accumulates at an increasing rate) refuting them, considering only disputes and uncertainties. Possibly The Truth may be found; certainly it may be approximated; they run from it, and do all they can to obscure it.

Truth is my friend, and lies will destroy me. What matters most to me is the truth about myself, whether I am in any sense female, who I am, how I really respond when my responses are not suppressed. And why. So I blogged on homosexuality because of lies about human worth and human drives which forced round pegs into square holes, just as I had been forced. The basic lie is that (some or all) humans are dangerous and must be controlled.

I find truth in my religion, but my religion is practice, attitude, relationship, not belief. (Not even that one- sometimes it’s “way of being, not dogma”.) Understandings, moral or practical, are contingent and relative, for the moment, ready to be amended or dropped as necessary.


Truth is whatever I imagine it to be.

7 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. I’m going to try to find my personal mission statement which I wrote when I was 21. It started with, ‘I am neither male nor female. Men disgust me, women repulse me.’ 🙂
    I broke everything down and once I’d done that I saw the world in a different way. Truth is what we can somehow prove. In the 20th century cooking was feminine but before that it was a masculine endeavour. And how about all those Georgian/Regency portraits of boys in pink?
    Truth, real truth, is we encompass aspects ascribed (not unique) to both genders.


  2. One way to get around these sorts of disagreements is to ask yourself: what values are my opponents trying to defend? Is there anything I can agree with? Maybe I can’t agree that the world was created in 6 days, but perhaps I can agree that the Universe has a spiritual significance. (Not that I always follow this advice. )


    • Yes. What values can I support? Where do I agree? These are useful questions.

      I agree the Universe has spiritual significance, but don’t think that is the value being defended. They defend a Bible which is literally true throughout, so that Job as a historical figure had those conversations with those words. That is, they do not seek to worship God, but to define and control God.


    • Hello again. You have not told me what you think of the flat, immovable Earth verses yet.

      That last line is a Po (Edward de Bono’s word). I seek truth- to grasp and comprehend it- but it is like a sphere passing through Flatland, or a dancer whom I see only when she has already passed by.


  3. I create my own truth too, Tim … as do you, apparently. Such a lovely opening you offered me, in suggesting that truth was one dimensional. Truth can’t be one dimensional because then it would be just gibberish. So for truth to be truth it has to be able to expand … kind of like the Big Bang Theory, and change, and wiggle. If truth were absolute then all bananas would look alike, all people, because an absolute (mathematically speaking) is an impossibility … and than goodness. I don’t like the idea of absolute truth and all grapes looking the same. Somehow, reading your statement, I can see you right at home in the inquisition, gowns, hot iron pokers, confessions, iron studded implements (or was that from last Friday?)


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