The rearguard

Élisabeth-Louise Vigée LeBrun- Portrait of a GirlEqual marriage is won, in the UK and US. Equal marriage in church is coming. But a few sad obsessives still keep up the bad fight. Homosexuality is Evil, they cry, worse than murder and child abuse! The End of the World is coming!

Don’t look at Geoff Arseaile’s blog, it excites him too much. I found him posting on how homosexuality inevitably leads to incest and paedophilia, and when I commented he started fantasising about my genitals. So much for his pure Christian mind. He then posted on how our civilisation is failing, and our Christian culture is dead. This is the fault of those in the 60s who tried to modernise the church, he thinks. On the same blog his pal Chalcedon451 bemoans people saying homosexuality is natural- even in the Church!- and the ministry of women. It is unclear whether he thinks women’s ministry is an attack by Satan or not.

“Dr” Fred Pontius has not edited his about page, so I have no idea in what way he claims to be a “doctor”. He posts on how children should be given “gay conversion therapy” and the number of LGBT folk. If the proportion is 1.7% rather than 4.5%, what? Smaller minorities are easier to persecute? He has other concerns as well: when a scientist tried to prevent teaching of Creationism as “science”, Pontius accused him of an apparent crusade against Christians who simply disagree with him. Though he posts a huge amount, it appears I am his only commenter this month.

I don’t see the point in debating these people any more. I have said it all, why should I repeat myself? The argument is won, and that feels so real to me after attending that wedding. Similarly with creationists: I have gained some appreciation of the complexity and order of the geologic column, and made my point that what creationists say about the Bible is as ridiculous as what they say about geology; I have nothing more to say, and since they are highly unlikely to admit they are wrong there is little point in debating them, though I am grateful to commenters on Tim’s blog saying sensible things about geology, whom I have learned from. Perhaps I should find something else to blog about.

17 thoughts on “The rearguard

  1. The war is won so yes, let’s move on. I guess we need to prepared for more battles but we can pick the ones worth fighting. The people you mention here can be left to limp home licking their war wounds, ignored.


  2. Ugh … having encountered my fair share of nasty blogs here, I’m glad you wrote this, Ms. Clare. I particularly dislike the smarmy know-it-all (and poor user of English) Mike Osborne. It delights in making people look and sound sad and/or stupid. I’ve taken to dumping blogs that I like, the moment I see his gargoyle avatar appear (actually, it’s his real face, I was just being catty … and I’ve now hurt the feelings of all those poor gargoyles!).


  3. I was told or read somewhere a while back that opponents of a change are loudest at the end – ie in the death throws. I’d like to think that applies here given the now broad acceptance of equal marriage. I don’t know how true the thought is, but it certainly makes me feel better when I come across certain blogs.


    • Well, I am like that: if I feel I am not being heard, I shout louder. And I want to be heard, as well as to listen. But they will have to accept that others can marry as we wish, and they need not if they do not want to.


  4. The war goes on despite battles won. My son is currently reading Neverwhere by Michael Gaiman – cue silly giggling by a few members of the same class 😦 The story is probably beyond their intelligence anyway!


  5. Geoff RS Sales post has stuck to NSW District court Judge G Neilson’s opinion from the bench during the trial where a man stands accused of raping his sister as reflecting some kind of a widespread trend in the community when in fact the Crown prosecutor, abhorred by the Judge’s airing of unacceptable, misogynistic and disgraceful comments has asked the appeals court to remove the judge from the case and instal a new one… whatever the past treatment in community of homosexuality may have been it is just history which does not entertain the fact that even in that history there were people against such treatment…


      • Me neither, I am following this issue also – whether he is setting the stage for consent or something like it to be the only criteria of criminality in incest one must wonder. Certainly most bizarre…perhaps he wants the times of Ancient Greece or Rome etc to return 😦 How much, if at all his comments will end up relevant in any “mitigation” of crime in the case is yet to be seen – need to wait for the due process to exhaust…


        • He is seeking to try the case as best he may: he is making a lawyerly analysis. It is simply true that a jury of twelve men in the 1950s would find gay sex abominable, or say they did- I find that horrifying, some think it a bad thing that Australia has changed, but that is how it was. Sex with a minor might be statutory rape, the child being unable to form legally effective consent to it: that is separate from the moral judgment. What evidence should be admissible is a technical point, and the prosecutor challenged him on the technical point, not on his opinion about gay sex. The legal issue is different from the moral issue: morality is far more fluid, criminal law has to be expressible in words, and predictable, so cannot be fitted exactly to an individual case.


          • True. One cannot escape the fact that every court decision does have a moral effect and in fact as far as I’ve seen, and I follow quite a lot of legal cases, once a judge expresses some opinion etc the defence lawyers rush into case law and try to find something that comes “handy” to the case and if not then they might still push the line…even criminal cases these days stray from the “straight and narrow”


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