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Everdingen- girl in a large hatOn the telly, a group of British creationists was taken on a road trip across America, having their beliefs challenged. At one point, they saw the Grand Canyon, and said it was laid down in the Flood. Dialogue between world-views does not happen, generally: blog debates are something like this:

-Scientific Rationalism!

and however much they repeat these steps, with whatever expressions of derision and contempt, both go away thinking they have won. Perhaps they have sharpened their own understanding of their own position, and so go away more solidly in their own camp. It is the same if I debate with people who think Trans is Wrong, or that my religion must involve silly beliefs, however much I say it is about practice and attitude. We talk to ourselves.

Everdingen- WinterA “Side B Christian”, who thinks gay people should be celibate, but does not want gay cure therapy, might be more able to persuade others against gay cure therapy than I could. Because they are so similar, they might listen to nuances of difference.

I might tentatively enquire what they get out of the world-view. The TERF is transphobic, having a disgust reaction to trans people, and she gets validation: her dislike is rational, and Feminist. Those who do not share it need consciousness-raising. On no account should her phobia be challenged. One holds an irrational world-view because it achieves something good in ones eyes. But this must not be acknowledged: I must assert that my world-view is rational, or else I will lose that good thing.

Here is the Kingdom of Heaven. First clutching my filthy rags about me, which do not clothe me at all, I suddenly throw them away to stand naked and unafraid.

Everdingen, Elisabeth van KesselMy world view is different from what I inherited, and the same. That fight with the Director of Education which led my father to be forced into early retirement- I see it, and say, “Completely ridiculous! Why did you have to stick your heels in?” And I can see myself in the same self-harming fight. In different circumstances I have been in it.

My parents kept themselves to themselves. I have had serious friendships, but I do not form them easily. I think of “Auntie” Bess and my mother, who kept in touch though Bess stayed in Falkirk, and see similarities. After my parents retired they visited Malta for six weeks with SAGA holidays, met two couples from Berkshire and Kent respectively, stayed in touch, and spent weeks in each others’ houses. It felt like a wonderful opening, like new freedom and flowering.

In my first post, here, I wrote of Pupating, and that claim was premature. I still cling to my rags. The power of illusion is that they appear to be warm clothes, showing me off to my best advantage.

Question. What do I want, but take no action to get, because I imagine I have it?

There may be other ways into this.

7 thoughts on “World views

  1. I don’t know about that … the other ways concept. I’m still struggling and sometimes breaking down into tears and rage (King Lear on the heath) trying to figure out what I want. The fact that I can’t work in my chosen profession because of someone’s venom … well, that merely complicates things. It’s an opportunity to change. But to what? That’s a long way of saying that I completely get it.


  2. Could one say: what do I have that I don’t see and think of ways to get it only to realise the effort was for nothing except to help me see that I had it all along? If illusion keeps us warm, why change that reality; could a new reality be an illusion that keeps us cold, so why venture out of the warm…?


  3. Should the question be simply: why do I not take action? Imagining we have something is not a bad thing, I think sometimes it even pushes us to accomplish whatever it is we are trying to accomplish/get. I think the old adage we are more afraid of getting something we want rather than not getting it’s very true. The day I got rid of negative people in my life, and I said ‘fuck it’ (sorry but that’s what I said out loud in the car) my life turned instantaneously. I was no longer afraid to go and get it…maybe I off topic, but that’s how I read it…


    • Welcome, Joel, founder and leader of Chesapeake Films. Thank you for commenting.

      Yes. Certainly. Some illusions are comforting, some are invigorating, some prod us into worthwhile action, or protect us from despair. In a choice of illusions, the positive one is better. If you can turn your life that is a good thing. On topic enough.


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