Pam Gerrish Nelson Fantasy portraitWhat do bloggers have to say about the Goddess?

Here and now states in my art i try to capture the concepts i think are closest to realities i observe which is strange, as his female figure has no head, and no genitals. Yuck. I learn that “Goddess” is a trade name for a bra manufacturer, courtesy of the Bra Museum, which has eleven photos of their “688 strapless backless longline bra”, which “may be discontinued”.

Linda Olsen has photographed a woman outside, in a long robe, posing with a bow and arrow: as she observes, “having nature as our backdrop really was nice”. I agree. The model is the focus of interest in the pictures, but the backgrounds add complexity and depth. See left, go and have a look.

Awen is a Welsh word for inspiration, specifically of the poets, and Cat Treadwell in Drops of Awen writes of having a focus to her creativity. The Lady is guiding my hand as I get on. That creativity which I am most proud of comes as random and spontaneous, which is perhaps why what I write is so short. I like the idea of working with particular Goddesses, aspects of power and personalities. It might help me to differentiate characters. I would like pictures of her creations.

File:King Arthur Sir Bedivere throwing Excalibur into the lake by Walter Crane.jpgSwati Prakash shares evidence establishing the scientific truth behind spiritual experiences. An infra-red security camera has captured a beam of light from the Goddess’s third eye. When I played the video, it appeared to show a store-room with a dot of light flickering rapidly about occasionally. But then, the faithless confronted by a miracle may see nothing.

Avalon is an island in the Arthurian legend, and the last album by Roxy Music- I felt they were going off the boil a bit. Son of Avalon has found that the Morrigan, Goddess of battle, strife, fertility, water, healing and prophecy- a useful, all-purpose Goddess, then, like a Swiss army knife- is calling him. She is the Lady of the Lake who gave Arthur Excalibur, and she has shrouded Avalon in mists for protection, so that one may only find it through her.

Luca Crow, a Pagan, shares her preemie (premature child) birth story. She has a rare condition which makes her unable to bring a child to term, which was found during her pregnancy. She had particular dreams of the child and the birth, whose messages she did not at first understand but which turned out to be predictions of what happened. When she had emergency surgery, her faith in the Goddess kept her calm. She accepted the Goddess’s will, even if it were to take her baby. She spent three weeks in hospital, and her husband stayed with her.

7 thoughts on “Goddess

  1. I find it fascinating just how many cultures see nature and the planet itself as feminine. Humankind really does seem to believe in “Mother Nature” and that the Earth truly is our mother. I see that as “The Goddess” and make no excuses for revering her and wishing to protect her. How can anyone not want to love and protect she who gave life to all of us, who nurtures us, feeds us, and eventually accepts us back into her womb? I think that is what lies at the root of it – because the Earth is our life giver, it is only natural to see the planet as feminine, as “The Goddess”.


  2. I think it all seems weirder than some of the French cheeses I’ve been forced to eat at dinner parties … mind you, I thought the bra part was cool. Who’d have thought? The Goddess is a good name for a bra, though the device itself is a bit overused. I had an Auntie with huge breasts that stuck almost straight out like cannons … hugging her was like hugging rebar. Turns out she was a fan of what was rather coyly referred to as “underwire support.” Uh huh.

    Sorry, Mme. Flourish, I drifted off topic there!


    • Bras are wonderful. I have one which holds me out further than I would have imagined, but makes the flesh wiggle like one unsupported. Of course, it is hideously uncomfortable. I heard medical advice that one should only wear underwires three days a week at most, as they stop you breathing properly, but some would give cleavage to an anorexic 14 year old boy.

      I have no idea how you ended up in the spam folder. WordPress makes mistakes occasionally.


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