Melisende Psalter


The Melisende Psalter was probably commissioned around 1135 by the Crusader King Fulk of Jerusalem for his wife Melisende. It illustrates the life of Christ: first, Jesus presented in the Temple.

Entering Jerusalem

Entering Jerusalem

The kiss

Betrayed with a kiss

melisende psalter harrowing of Hell (2)

The empty tomb


The harrowing of Hell

Deesis, Christ in Majesty

Christ in Majesty

3 thoughts on “Melisende Psalter

  1. Cool. I like it. A tad Hindu, I think. I like Hindu beliefs, generally speaking. Sometimes much more than Christian. Too many holidays though. I could never keep track.


    • The influence is Islamic, from their enemies and trading partners, I read, most clear to my untutored eye in the onion domes of the first two pictures here. Become a Roman Catholic- every day is some sort of Saint’s day, usually more than one, or indeed a Quaker, as for us every day is equally holy.


      • I like to space my festive wild partying out a tad … I pick and choose. I don’t think I’d fancy the one where you built a hut … but I can’t recall which religion has that one.


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