Beauty everywhere

lilies of the field

This one is for Fran. Beauty is everywhere.

While I was photographing this web, a family came past, and Daddy lifted up his son, who likes spiders, to see it. So the girl wanted lifted up as well. The wild rose hung down over the path, blocking my way. Further on, the path was flooded, and I paddled along, seeing little eel-like creatures dart across.

I love the way the spider weaves the leaves into the structure, especially across the base. It was filled with “midges” (not the full-blooded West Highland Midge, an evil wee bugger in tackety boots, but the effete English midge, which eats honeydew or something).


A man I knew at the CAB had been given a choice of youth make-work schemes: either dry-stane dyking, or the CAB. So he chose the CAB. Dykes are beautiful, though: I wonder if he regrets his choice.

drystane dyke


8 thoughts on “Beauty everywhere

  1. WOW! Clare, you are so kind, thank you, a gazzillion times. Hey, i didn’t know that gazzillion was a word, did you?? :-)))) ♥

    These photos are totally delicious. A truly spectacular web, obviously undisturbed, which must have been there for ages. I love spiders – hardly geniuses which have been around since the dinosaurs and seem indestructable. I have several which have colonised my car wing mirrors. They weave beautiful webs and are entirely unphased by speeding breezes.

    I love the wall, and would love to learn the art of dry stane dyking. Methinks he made the wrong choice.

    Bless you, and all our friends too. Always. XXXX 😀


    • Gazillion is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "Lots".

      What was for you and from you, what we share, was that openness which made a path I have walked down so many times new and fascinating, noticing the web hanging down above.


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