Ex-gay fail

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The Angel of RevelationWe hear of ex-gay “therapy”, how it can torture people into neurosis (as well as making a few bisexuals very smug indeed) but if this is the best they can do, they are no threat. Here are some of the cleverest ex-gay blogs around.

First, the same sex attraction video blog. The video is duller than a Windows 95 powerpoint presentation, with no sound, just scrolling words. Not everyone who attempts to change will, it says. Understatement. Do not attempt to change in isolation and shame, it says. Is this better than mocking gay men as unmanly? It still shames them about their sexuality. None of the videos for Church Leaders have any “Likes”. I thought of telling the blogger, but the comment policy says he will delete any comment he considers argumentative, and block any commenter he considers sarcastic. To gay people not suffering the neurosis he wishes to enforce, he says Please respect the rights, needs and viewpoints of my other guests.

He gives a list of reasons why someone would want to change. “Because homosexuality is compulsive.” Well, sex is compulsive for every living creature except captive pandas. “Internalised homophobia”- oops, no, he writes “because living a gay life just feels wrong to me”. “I believe I would be rejected by family, friends and my religious community if I choose to live a gay life.” Well, there is some truth in this blog. There is also a Same Sex Attractions blog, but it  comes from the same idiot or idiots.

Cain fleeing the Wrath of GodHere a man who “ministers” to the “ex-gay community” whinges about how ungrateful they are. They do not always treat him with respect, and he thinks this makes him Christ-like! He consoles himself that if his ministry fails, it is the ex-gay’s fault. But he admits he is losing: Every morning I wake up and see one more victory to normalize homosexuality.

Here is a celibate woman, taken in by such bigots: When I first came out of a homosexual lifestyle, it was spirit-crushing.  I went from one civil war of the heart to another.  That’s another story for another day.  But years of group counseling, healing, praying, and support from friends and family brought me to a place that I could finally call myself a whole person.  By no means a straight, heterosexual, or even opposite-sex attracted person.  But I felt that I was no longer defining myself by how I felt, but rather Whom I belonged to, and that was God.  I was not a lesbian, I am a child of God.

When memories surface, or I hear a song, or see the culture shifting radically in a pro-gay direction, I’m reminded of how I once identified and what I still grieve for.  I have to keep a tight rein on what music I listen to, what TV shows I watch, movies, internet, facebook… you know, it’s all over the place!  And sometimes the old feelings come out of nowhere.  Recently, someone came into my life that simply reminded me of someone I once knew and my heart started aching again! 

I am moved to tears. These wicked men must be ridiculed and their mouths stopped from spouting their lies, for her.

To cleanse your palate, here is some truth about “ex-gays” from Peterson Toscano.

5 thoughts on “Ex-gay fail

  1. Admire the contortionists gallery, invite us all to reflect on the world’s problems from a wider perspective, and love anyway. Thank you, Clare. xxx 😀


    • The first blog here is impersonal, seeking to harvest the emotions of its victims- “How do you feel,” he asks, with oily sympathy. But the other two show how hard the ex-gay route is.

      If I love them, how does it show? Here I am mocking- is that loving? If one came here and got under my skin, angered me, and I responded in the height of that feeling- would that be loving? If so, would anything be loving short of a deliberate attempt to hurt them? What about a deliberate attempt to hurt, in order to defend their victims?

      Their way is hard, but worthless. The only value in it is to show how pointless it is, so that fewer and fewer people will seek to follow them.


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