The Political is personal.

I have just come back from a wedding reception. We had about eighty people in the Quaker meeting house, for our first wedding in Northamptonshire AM in twelve years. People from all the meetings in the area joined us, and friends of the couple from as far off as Germany, and we sat in the profound silence of the Holy Spirit and in deep joy as we celebrated our friends’ love. Then this evening we danced together, part of the time to a ceilidh band, part of the time to a disco.

Some think that this is a betrayal of Scripture, or God, or true religion; I wish they could see the joy we shared this afternoon as we worshipped together, and this evening as we danced together. That two women can join in this way before God and according to secular law is in part thanks to Quakers. This ceremony liberates me.

Love never fails.

On a completely different note:

4 thoughts on “Wedding

    • Welcome, and thank you for commenting. No-one has asked why Doctor Who. Just bathos? Well- a gay wedding was the defining symbol of equality this century; and now I have been to one it ceases for me to be amazing and wonderful, and becomes lovely but entirely normal.

      I look forward to Peter Capaldi. He is a fine actor, and means a new direction for the programme. If you want more of the same, watch repeats!


  1. Sent a tingle down my spine did that post. As you know, I am not religious but I can still feel truly uplifted and even a little spiritual when reading things like this on a reflective Sunday morning.


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