The Good Life

Rossetti- Ecce Ancilla Domini

Turning this post over in my mind before writing, describing the Good Life for you, I realised I was describing my own. What is the Good way for a human to be? Autonomous, interdependent, loving, creative- like me, in fact. The Good Human, placed in my circumstances, produces my result.

Flippin’ heck. Okay- um…

There is more than one way of being human, more than one good life. Warrior and peacemaker, leader and follower, artist and rational thinker, all have their place. I am pleased to see my way of being as good. Perfect in my own way.

This is my 1000th post.

 And Now: A Poem!

Student of Socrates

Thought it was Des-Cart-Ease

When she first read him

What could have led him to
 Cogito Ergo Sum
 Truth to which all will come

Through sweet          

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