Video selfie

A video selfie. Because still selfies are so last year.

Also in the park I saw this pair of swans:

Swan couple 1 swan couple 2

Then the narrowboat. I might as well- but I have to take it quickly, with no time for thought for the framing. And, I can’t see how to frame it. Nice that the woman waved, though.


Two swans flew over the field and landed in the water. Again, I was in a panic trying to sort my camera for a shot: I missed it with my heart, as well as with my camera. That’s why I do not always take the camera.

Swan landingswan landing 2

Then there were the pair of geese:


Walking along the path, I thought, a butterfly landing among the flowers would be lovely. Should I wait a bit, in case? Nah, no chance of that. But then, it did.

butterfly 1butterfly 2butterfly 4butterfly 3

A fbfnd identified it as a peacock butterfly on borage.

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