11 thoughts on “Christ is Risen

  1. Happy Easter! Would not see these two on top as odd even if He rises from a grave – we’re taught His tomb was more like a cave – perhaps the message of coming out of a grave is for human kind and Judgment day 😀


    • Yes, it is a cave: a stone rolled to cover the “door”. Rolling the stone away would be more difficult with an opening in the ground.

      The stories are ambiguous: Jesus is a physical being, so Thomas can place his hand in the wounds, but also with unearthly powers, so that Jesus can appear among his disciples. This floating shows the powers: it would not be the same, if Jesus floated above the ground, outside a cave.


      • Yes I can see that now. The first thought that came to my mind at seeing the paintings was the teaching “…and He shall come to judge the living and the dead…” the imagining of the dead rising from their graves… thanks for your explanation, Clare.


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