Seek and ye shall-?

Had Miriam Louisa not written her introduction to this Krishnamurti piece, I might not have read to the end. I will respond after quoting it.

You should never be here too much; be so far away that they can’t find you, they can’t get at you to shape, to mould. Be far away, like the mountains, like the unpolluted air; be so far away that you have no parents, no relations, no family, no country; be so far away that you don’t know even where you are. Don’t let them find you; don’t come into contact with them too closely.

Keep far away where even you can’t find yourself; keep a distance which can never be crossed over; keep a passage open always through which no one can come. Don’t shut the door for there is no door, only an open, endless passage; if you shut any door, they will be very close to you, then you are lost.

Keep far away where their breath can’t reach you and their breath travels very far and very deeply; don’t get contaminated by them, by their word, by their gesture, by their great knowledge; they have great knowledge but be far away from them where even you cannot find yourself. For they are waiting for you, at every corner, in every house to shape you, to mould you, to tear you to pieces and then put you together in their own image. Their gods, the little ones and the big ones, are the images of themselves, carved by their own mind or by their own hands. They are waiting for you, the churchman and the communist, the believer and the non-believer, for they are both the same; they think they are different but they are not for they both brainwash you, till you are of them, till you repeat their words, till you worship their saints, the ancient and the recent; they have armies for their gods and for their countries and they are experts in killing.

Keep far away but they are waiting for you, the educator and the businessman; one trains you for the others to conform to the demands of their society, which is a deadly thing;* they will make you into a scientist, into an engineer, into an expert of almost anything from cooking to architecture to philosophy.

Keep far, far away; they are waiting for you, the politician and the reformer; the one drags you down into the gutter and then the other reforms you; they juggle with words and you will be lost in their wilderness.

Keep far away; they are waiting for you, the experts in god and the bomb throwers: the one will convince you and the other [show you] how to kill; there are so many ways to find god and so many, many ways to kill. But besides all these, there are hoards of others to tell you what to do and what not to do; keep away from all of them, so far away that you cannot find yourself or any other. You too would like to play with all of them who are waiting for you but then the play becomes so complicated and entertaining that you will be lost. You should never be here too much, be so far away that even you cannot find yourself.

-Krishnamurti’s Notebook

* They have a thing called society and family: these are their real gods, the net in which you will be entangled. [Krishnamurti’s insertion in the full text edition]

It gave me a handle on what Jesus might have meant by leaving my father for his sake. I came to it immediately after reading this post, which I found moving, and perplexing.

I want to shut all the doors. Do not shut the door, he says- what you resist, persists- but it is bloody difficult.

Two days ago I posted a peevish whine on searching for I know not what. If I called it “real feeling” you might see how far I am from my goal, how my concepts get in the way. Because I gave an example of the kind of internet spat which raises my irritation (which I call unreal feeling) of course I entered that spat. I do not, here, claim to be any more above that fray than any other who joins it.

If I could worship with Katy Faust, in her church one Sunday, in my Meeting the next, we might find more in common than we find in blogworld.

And- yes, the experts in God and the bombthrowers are terrifying, and part of keeping those doors open is seeing them as beautiful- without seeing their way as tempting.

7 thoughts on “Seek and ye shall-?

  1. I thought you kept your cool. I tried to keep mine. I made a mistake when two churches had the same name and were in the same place, but I admit that. I stand by my position, though. People like Mrs. Faust create a hostile environment for fellow citizens and then personally benefit from the monster they created. That defies my notion of ethical behaviour.
    Somehow, somewhere, I feel I need to make dissent heard. Anyone of 35 or more lived in a world where we only heard one side of the story. Only condemnation. Only second class citizenship. Some were florists, others were hair-dressers. Those in my social group became ‘walkers’. Men who accompanied widows, divorcees or the wives of husbands who were too busy, to social events.
    Before I write I think of what I would have liked to have seen then, when I was a boy. And then I try to make it happen. I think I used that same method in becoming who I am. And I am unapologetic for who I am. There’s nothing in my history, life or character that I feel needs excusing.
    I also don’t feel people like Mrs. Faust should be given a pass for what they do. It has serious consequences, as all forms of discrimination. I know I’m heavy handed, but that’s a nuance. If you’ve got a slingshot and you’re fighting people with guns, choose a big rock and aim very carefully.


    • The fight is worthwhile. There remain tight-knit communities where one of the badges of identity people have is that they Believe the Bible, and the proof of this is that they know homosexuality is sin. There is a great deal of casual homophobia.

      I had not read that members’ obligation you found, when I wrote this. So that bit about “if we could worship together we might find more in common”- I am less sure of it, perhaps we are merely enemies. I agree she should not get away with what she does; she is probably incorrigible. When her marriage breaks down she will have to rethink.

      But- the quote-


  2. Is that regret? She’s a silver-tongued seductress alright, but I just have to re-read any one of her posts again to remember how foul and damaging her approach is. And also that the curtain of love easily falls. Anyway, I really enjoyed that quote, it’s an excellent dose of sane paranoia that would be great on the curriculum.


    • The Quote! Preserve yourself from those who would mould you in their image, by- part of it is not having a sense of my self, for it is more than I know, not resisting the Ideologies, (because in rebellion we become merely the Opposite of what we resist, which is as much less from that whole Self as the thing we resist is).

      In my confusion, I know I am not going to get through to Askme. I find her new name worst: in her view, the ignorant ask, and she dispenses Wisdom. “AsktheBigot” is a defiant claiming of a nasty name, and I so like defiance.

      Oh bugger.
      The fight is worthwhile. The quote is worthwhile. All are distraction.


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