Truman Capote

Formerly, this post shared copyright photographs, with brief comments. As they were copyright, I have now deleted them.

Dressed as an American woman of style, said the New Yorker. I don’t see it myself, except in the pose.

Is that a sweater, rather than a shawl? The bag, too, is too large. The suit is not androgynous at all: his clothes and accessories are entirely masculine, but- My Dear! The Pose!


10 thoughts on “Truman Capote

    • I can forgive him a lot for stretching the boundaries of male behaviour. And can you put that more positively: perhaps, the bitch with a put-down for everyone? Imagine people fighting to be in your clique!


    • On the morning of 29th November 1966 I could neither say anything comprehensible, nor walk in a straight line.
      (I have cracked that joke about the 1966 World Cup Final as well.)

      Here is Crisperanto, on the life and philosophy of Quentin Crisp, “flamboyant” gay writer.


  1. It must be a generational thing because I find Truman Capote a good writer (not great) and … well, about as weird, mean, hurtful, vindictive and self-centered as a man can be. Ugh. I’d rather go to one of Rommel’s parties … in photos, his sons are quite fetching.


    • I am struck by how little I know of American writers, apart from of SF. I have heard the name “Truman Capote” and could say nothing of him: but I saw that nude photo and it captivated me, the androgyny of it. Mockery and destruction is not enough, but sometimes it is necessary. And I can sympathise with the desire to be rich and famous.


      • Yes to all of the above … but trust me when I say he was one MEAN man. He hurt so many people and actually ruined entire literary careers, caused suicides. Ugh. He is not my fave. Some of the best American writers are obsessed more with issues of equity, race and social conflict. Among the best American books written in the past few years are Montana 1948; The Two Hotel Francforts; Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club and These Things Happen. Read them (start with the last, then Montana …) and you will be the village expert on your ex-colonials over here.


        • I went to Amazon, and found books called “These things happen” by Richard Kramer, Richard Marsh and Shaun de Waal. Er, which?

          Striking, isn’t it? Kramer’s book has 132 reviews on, starting with “Now and then along comes a candidate for the Great American Novel” and none on Richard Marsh broadcast his stories on Radio Telefis Eirann, and Shaun de Waal has no reviews at all. And Kramer’s novel features a gay couple, in Manhattan. Kramer it is, then. Thanks.


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