Starry night, in partThere is sunshine from Cardiff to Norwich, and light winds, after days of rain, so I cycle to meeting wondering if a Moon-goddess photo is possible, a little concerned about my breathlessness, and pushing myself. I thought about it a little during meeting, and during the Afterword explained what I wanted: the moon visible just above the horizon for trompe l’oeil photos while the Sun was still up for lighting: flash does not work at 25 yards, and that is the distance from a person where the person’s head appears about the size of the moon.

Afterword. After meeting, we say our names, and may if moved share something on our minds. Three of us have been to lectures in London on peace: former bishop of Oxford Lord Harries spoke of Just War theory. They disapprove. Well, it is one thing to take the perfect pacifist view, but people in politics must face their problems in their own way, and may find pacifism ignorant rather than principled. Disarmament negotiators improve things steadily, which is a moral good, but pacifist posturing and saying that we should get rid of all weapons immediately does not contribute to that end. Such thoughts run in my mind. Then I talk of moon photos-

just after Kate has shared about her friend in Homs, and how desperate he is, and how concerned she is for him. He had hoped to escape to Turkey, but this does not seem possible. From that to using the moon as a halo. Crass, or what?

From a Scott Peck Community Building perspective, I would say this indicated pseudo-community: we observed people sharing highly personal emotional things, and then these things being ignored. In Community we were together, feeling with each other. In Meeting, so much of the time, I am with myself, rather than with God or with the people there. I simply observe this, not moved just now to rail at my worthlessness or the failure of the process, or even desire it to be otherwise, though otherwise is possible. Cycling home I noticed increasing cloud cover, and then found moonrise was at 7.20, well after sunset. Liz has arranged that we may send money to Kate’s Syrian friend.


My post Fetishes has had views almost daily since I published it. Wxhluyp is keen on “captions”, he says: apparently people share porn photos and write captions applying their own sexual fantasies to the image. Now among my search terms I find “spiritual discipline of kneeling”- polish the halo, how spiritual am I- but also “erotic spanking sissy art”, “emasculation fetish” and “forced orchiectomy humiliation captions”. This is a recondite fantasy, and if you pitched up at the Northern Concord, the Manchester transvestite club, you might not find people willing to talk about it, yet on the Net people may share it with like-minded souls, unafraid, finding a community of sorts, though nothing face to face in real life.

All comments welcome.

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