Quiet, please

File:Syhem Angel.jpgI am not sure how we got on to murder- but all the ideas came from me.

I went into the library, and got chatting to the librarian. I wanted to ask her what quote she had tattooed on her arm. She rolled up her sleeve to show me, “because I don’t read it every day”. It is about how we are surrounded by angels, who support us, and we should practise awareness of them.

-It’s unprofessional to talk about myself. (Oh, what could the next word possibly be? Nothing other than) But-

The tattoos are the history of her life with her husband, ending with a butterfly, her pupation and leaving him. I congratulated her. He was a little scrote, she says, packing great malice into the word. She has been reading the detective fiction in order to get ideas.

-There was painting poison onto a stamp, so that when she licked it, she would die.
-Oh yes, I saw that. Murder in Paradise. I like that, it’s terribly British, isn’t it: fluffy, unserious, always a happy ending. But stamps are self-sticking.

In The Name of the Rose, a monk was murdered by painting poison on his manuscript. As he turned the pages, licking his finger to stick to the corner, he took it in.

-Now all I have to do is poison all the motorbike magazines in the hopes he will buy one.

File:Syang.jpgYou could steal a car, knock him off his scooter, then burn the car out. She likes this idea.

-There are people I would like to imprison in a disused nuclear bunker with a plentiful supply of bottled water to drink, and lots of sharp knives. I would have painted on the wall, “If you kill someone you will have something to eat”, and I would switch the lights on and off randomly.

-You’ve thought a lot about this, haven’t you?

-Well, it doesn’t take much to think that up. How do you feel when you kill a spider? You probably couldn’t do it.

-I don’t mind spiders, they don’t do me any harm. They kill flies. I hate flies, I kill them.

Her brother got the huge row for getting a tattoo, so when she got her first her mother was almost reconciled to the idea. They are all over her now. Her mother was a biker-chick, though: she has seen the photos of her mother in leathers. She remembers her grandmother, with a blue rinse, telling her off for dying her hair that colour, and she thought, oh, you can talk. Her sons are learning to drink, but are far less trouble than she was.

In other news: I had a serious WTF moment reading this blogger. He says Christianss are not obsessed with gays, and is bewildered by questions about homosexuality when he has been talking of “the state of marriage”. It is society that is obsessed: Activists want to change the definition of marriage, and they want to require Christian photographers and florists to service homosexual weddings. He presumably thinks that of all Worldly, Atheistical people, gays are the unique evildoers whom Christians should refuse to serve. Go, if you like writers who miss the point, and savour his befuddled, injured innocence.

16 thoughts on “Quiet, please

  1. Well, I could actually follow the logic of sonsofmichael’s post, oddly enough. I can see he genuinely believes (because he is so bigoted and up himself) that it is everyone else who is creating a fuss about homosexuality. If we weren’t trying to change the status quo and allow gays and lesbians to get married, then there would be no issue for him and his discriminatory colleagues to oppose. So it makes sense in a sort of screwed-up way.

    However, he did not seem like a nice person at all. I see he condescended to reply to your comment and concluded with an extremely rude, intolerant and insulting put-down.

    Those are the sort of people that make me run a mile from religion. If I ever even considered believing in anything, a religion that produces such an amount of intense hatred and righteousness would not be one for me.

    I wonder if he has written similarly about abortion? Because, in so many places abortion is legal, and the ones who want to ban it are right wing fundamentalist Christians (which I think it would be fair to describe him as, seeing as he uses those words himself). In that case, they are the ones trying to change the status quo and taking to violent means to do so.

    More than half the world seemed to be dismissed by him and we shall all no doubt go to Hades at the time of the second coming blah blah, because we have indulged in at least one of divorce, masturbation, contraception, or homosexuality.

    I am impressed that you take the time to argue with these people because I don’t think their nasty words should go unopposed, but I really don’t have it in me to fight such a losing battle. One can’t influence such rigid views, a bit like mine are very rarely influenced 😀


    • A lot of Roman Catholic and Orthodox think Protestants are not real Christians. After their schism in 1054, it seems each think the other not quite so bad Not-Christians, but still, divorced Orthodox go to Hades and everyone else who isn’t Orthodox- considerably more than half of us.

      I engage because I am closer to their position than you are, so I might elicit some movement where explicitly atheist comments won’t, and someone should- though sometimes I do not comment in a particularly winsome way. And also, it gets me views. “Oh look,” they say, “a horrible lefty weirdo. Let’s go see quite how awful she is.”


      • Christianity has been splitting ever since it started. More or less. Another reason for not believing (on my part) is being force fed the endless history of christianity in the middle ages or two years running as part of my history degree.

        That’s a valid reason for commenting. A vegetarian, environmentalist, leftie, pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, feminist (who kept her own name and doesn’t wear a wedding ring) isn’t going to cut a lot of ice. Equally so, I see no advantage in views from people so far apart from my perspective so I have nothing to gain. Just time to waste.

        I will laugh, mind, if I die and find myself in Hades with other naughty sinners. It will be hellish warm, not just for the eternal fires but because there will be so many of us down there. I wonder if there are different levels, depending on how much sin you have indulged in? Do I get upgraded for not being homosexual or being divorced? Or does being a dyed-in-the-wool atheist plunge me into the nether regions?


        • I tend to feel that Dante’s lowerarchy of sin is as good as any. Passions are least bad, the fornicators on the outermost circle, and thought-through crimes worst, with the traitors at the bottom. An afterlife, though, with so many suffering total misery, is a good analogy for life, where many are miserable. I think it an exaggeration, but a pointed one.


    • ” Another reason for not believing (on my part) is being force fed the endless history of christianity in the middle ages or two years running as part of my history degree. … A vegetarian, environmentalist, leftie, pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, feminist (who kept her own name and doesn’t wear a wedding ring)”
      Oh, we appear to have everything in common, except I took the endless history of christianity in the middle ages for further two years. Really puts all the nonsense in perspective.


      • @vw
        The f on my keyboard is playing up. Not that it is relevant to the discussion. Luckily I had ancient history to offset the monotony of Europe ie christian europe in the middle ages. And the last year had interesting topics like political thought and philosphy and lots of interesting vague subjects. f
        If we have so much in common, I suspect we will have little to say to each others 😀 It’s often the case. I didn’t add atheist/agnostic to my list because Clare had already mentioned that. I switch between what I call myself because I think about it so rarely ie only when reading blog posts that I see no need to attach a label to me. I’m not religious and that’s as much as I normally say. It plays no part in my life apart from attending a couple of weddings and funerals in church. Which I suppose is the opposite of the ‘would you attend a gay wedding’ question. I’ll do what I think supports people, regardless of my lack of religion. Seems to me that some people use Christianity (and other organised religions) as an excuse to get on a soapbox and make themselves something special when they are just as ordinary as everyone else.


        • I think that brief description may be all we have in common. I like getting stuck in on all the nasty Christian blogs. I guess I know I’ll never change their minds but I want them to experience the occasional shadow of doubt, and I hate the thought of other people reading their nonsense unchallenged.


          • I probably had a guts of it on FaceBook when i got into a disagreement about the proposed American shutdown and Planned Parenthood. When you can’t engage in debate without people cutting you off, what’s the point?

            I might still be tempted to rise to the odd ‘pro-life’ ie anti-choice post though if I was in the right mood.

            How can people actually proclaim that they are far right, national socialist, anti- everything that gives people choice and respect in their own right? Leaves me cold.

            I think we should challenge them too, for the same reason (see not totally dissonant), but I do think Clare had a point about her view carrying more weight. Although as she is such a heretic in this case, doubtful.


            • I suspect WordPress is much tamer than Facebook and most people that are here are more likely to at least want to think through their beliefs to some extent. I guess if I’d been involved in some the Facebook discussions I’d seen, I’d back off in a hurry too.

              If you’re ever bored and looking for some anti-abortion views to correct, this place is a great starting point:

              I’m sure the discovery of the Quiner folks is courtesy of Clare, she does find all the ‘best’ blogs …


            • What was annoying on FB was that I asked a perfectly reasonable question. Why was the American govt proposing a shutdown over a dispute about PP?

              I got a lot of incredibly sensible answers and a couple of people who I * knew* as well as you do, via blogs and emails, who unfriended me without a word.

              Because criticising America’s right to invade the world and stand up for abortion doesn’t go down too well in some quarters.

              The majority of people said it was a fair and interesting discussion.

              I might rise to the bait when I am feeling polite enough to look at your link.


  2. I don’t have any tattoos thoughts of murder. Although I did imagine a machine gun in my hands once when the council were driving me crazy over council tax. Another reason I’m happy for gun control. 🙂
    But obviously on your WTF moment, I bit. What nasty people! I love that you got called a heretic, that’s kind of thrilling.


  3. Well, the crazy guy at the end got my attention almost more than tattoo lady. This whole Christian thing is getting totally out of hand … I mean, really. Isn’t it time to bring back the coliseums with lions and tigers and bears and Christians? Of course, I jest (I think), but my point is that a certain type of Christian has forgotten that THEY were quite the unique evildoers in the Roman Empire.


    • Old story: if you should find the perfect church, do not join it, because you will make it imperfect. It is so irritating that this is the unique type of sinner that some Christians will not associate with. Given that Christians in Egypt and Pakistan are a minority attacked by Muslim extremists as well as protected by other Muslims, you would think that where they suffer no persecution they would have a lively sympathy with persecuted groups.


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