God Smites America

One hears occasionally that God smites America because of gay marriage. We had an idiot over here recently, saying something similar. One advantage of free speech is that idiots become visible. But look how the Polar vortex hit Georgia before it hit New England. Seattle was OK too.


And see which has gay marriage, and which has a constitutional marriage ban. Admittedly God struck Minnesota, which has just got equal marriage, but they are used to cold, and perhaps he was willing to make sacrifices in order to hit Atlanta. Weather systems are such crude weapons for smiting.

Gayly Jan 2014 MISC gay_marriage_map_updated_with_utah

Did God miss? Or is God against those constitutional bans?

Hear the Voice of God!

Stop being nasty to gay people

Affirm gay marriage

Gays are OK!

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Update: Marriage map as of May 2014.

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20 thoughts on “God Smites America

    • If God is in one of his more Old Testament moods, and decides to go out smiting, he has far better tools than weather systems- unless almost all of America is damned. In Britain, the bits which are dammed (geddit? geddit?) are hardly more righteous than the flooded bits. I would have thought heart attacks and strokes the ideal precision tools for smiting: he would only use weather systems if he was so pissed off he did not care who he hurt.


  1. And that would never do. Yes, dammed good joke. I note that the subject of your blog was discussed today on Radio 2, but you really nailed it.

    XXX :-))


    • I am just a wee bit worried about that UKIP councillor.

      Yes, he is an idiot, and idiocy associated with UKIP is a good thing. Yet- what if people say, “At last! Someone who speaks the Truth!” and the UKIP vote increases?


  2. I love this Clare. Yes, it has been wickedly cold here on several days. It’s like Hell finally froze over, that is, if you consider Alabama to be hell, and as hot as it is in the summer, it might just be. Thanks for this post.


    • A local council member said Britain had flooded because of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act. However the weather system in the UK would not have occurred without the polar vortex in the US. So, who is God smiting?


  3. I can attest that it was way too cold here! We can’t handle single digits in GA! Clearly this guy’s thinking is flawed, because if God were trying to spite the gays in GA, the weather would have focused itself on Midtown.


  4. Ah, so the Polar Vortex is MY fault … oh dear, Clare, I’d better go my good self back to Paris ASAP. Or will I bring the Vortex with me. Is God just angry with Americans and Canadians? You’d think he had a bigger bone to pick with the Germans, no offense to the present generation. Ha.


    • You know, I fear you and Quickstepp have both made an elementary error: I alleged God was smiting the less-gay bits, but you hear “God smites” and, well, how could it ever possibly be anyone other than the gays and their “allies”, or apologists for Grievous Sin. But- this month, it seems to be those States with constitutional Defence of Marriage that got smit, smited and smote. Maybe God’s aim is a bit off, now and then.


  5. Its funny because with all the cold weather in the rest of the country, San Francisco is quite nice balmy 72F and better than most summer weather. Sure, we are in drought conditions, but its sooooo nice out and should be enjoyed until it really crashes.


  6. Why are people being so negative about now this year? The weather channel says there’s “more misery ahead” and the news channel says the “suffering continues.” Why’s everybody hating on this gorgeous white stuff? I love it! Then again, I have off work again today and plan on reading, cooking, drinking tea and being completely lazy. Sounds like a blessing to me. Too bad my state isn’t on board, but wait! It’s snowing! I’m going to take that as prophecy.


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