Ludovico Einaudi

Here is my first Youtube video.

The z2H challenge is do something new. Mmm. I could do a video, but what of? Unless I pay for the video upgrade, I can only have a video here if I post it on youtube. A video here, I could just say hello, this is me and this is my voice, but not on Youtube, where I have no presence. I have nothing at the moment that I want to tell you about face to face, as it were. Piano it is, then.

This is with my own equipment, a DMC-TZ25 camera. If I started doing it seriously, I would consider getting a microphone, as the fidelity could be better. Windows Moviemaker should be able to shoot a film, but I can’t see how, and don’t have the button this otherwise helpful page indicates. There are downloads available, I might try them.

I am the performer here: it was important to have my head in the frame, though at its edge, and to wear a dress rather than jeans.

Performing I have nerves. I can usually play Giorni Dispari reasonably accurately, but make mistakes and perhaps rush a little for the video. I ended up with two almost-OK takes, plus aborted ones where I completely lost my way, or used the phone’s memory having lost my connector (actually I only thought I had) or realised half-way through that in thinking about other things, I had forgotten to put my hair on. I am unashamed of my body and my trans status- and I don’t want you seeing me wigless.

Oddly enough when I load to Youtube I can hear my videos, but not when playing them stored on my computer or on Dropbox.

What do you think? And, why would it take over two hours to upload a four minute video to Youtube?

25 thoughts on “Ludovico Einaudi

  1. Beautiful piece, beautifully performed, Clare. I have wanted to hear/see you play the piano, so thank you for this gift. I have no idea why it would take so long to upload to YouTube. My shorter videos only take a few minutes. I could be the speed of your internet service? Anyway, I really enjoyed this and I’m glad you did it!


    • Thank you.

      There must be fixes for this. I can hear the video on the phone, but not on the computer whether it is saved to Dropbox or on the computer itself. The first take I uploaded to youtube and it took thirteen minutes, which is bearable, so finding that the second took two hours surprised me.

      I also see that the video is available on the Reader without visiting here, but not on the email to subscribers. I will see how many of my 693 “followers” watch it. Though five minutes watching a video is a noticeable investment of time.

      I am delighted that it pleased you. I love your diving video and look forward to your skiing video.


      • My videos don’t show up on the email notifications either, but they do appear on Facebook. Maybe do an internet search on audio issues with the software you’re using?

        And thank you! We leave for the mountains tomorrow!


  2. This works so so well. The music and your playing is beautiful. I am listening to it while typing this and have chills down my spine. You are so brave to post a youtube video of yourself. I am too scared to!! Your end result is great. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Thank you. Given that I think it makes me look chinless-er than I need be, and I cringe at the wrong notes, you may feel more able to do that song on Youtube. You show me that others can see it differently, and warm me.

      Welcome, Abby. I am delighted you commented, as I get then to see your blog. A parenting blog by a philosophy graduate: I am single and childless, and am interested. Yes, it is all about you and the Everyday, like Observational Comedy- and look how universal that can be. I wish you success with monetising it: you may, you have a clear voice already. I have followed. And- I am here for the interaction, partly shown by page views, but also by comments. I want to read stuff I find interesting- not every post you make, but a number, and comment, and I want that to be mutual.


      • Glad my comments warmed you a little – like I said, I think it’s great.

        Looking forward to following you and ‘chatting’ in the future. Thank you for your very kind words about my blog.


  3. Clare that was fantastic. Beautiful music, I loved it. And a great vid if that is really the first you did, and a self vid too. Top of the class sweetheart. I loved the way your fingers reached over the keys. I think jeans would have been fine but I’m a trousers woman. Clothes aren’t really important when it comes to music.


    • There are pianos in St Pancras station, and I play on them if I have time to wait there. A woman asked to video me on her phone, and I was happy to oblige; but this is the first video I have taken of my performance, apart from aborted takes and a short video to check that I could download to my computer, upload to youtube, and the sound quality was not too dreadful.

      And, thank you. I preen at the word “fantastic”.


    • It is worth a go, isn’t it, for those of us who want to be seen. How wonderful, to join a global village!

      The Sarabande from Pour le Piano by Debussy is a ravishing piece, and when I was to perform it for Quakers I checked it out on Youtube. There are several amateur performances, some more skilled than others, with helpful comments on performance.


  4. Hi Clare,

    Bravo. That sounded great – I love Einaudi. I’ve been experimenting with You Tube myself recently. My one minute video also took an age to upload. I think it’s to do with the format Windows Movie Maker generates – You Tube doesn’t like it but gets there in the end. I’m guilty of not always commenting on your blog, but I do always enjoy your writing.


  5. I’m listening to the video now, it’s absolutely beautiful. I didn’t know you played. I do too, but – I sound NOTHING like you do. LOL I just “play”, although I can read music. I love it, do some more! Did you set up a Youtube “channel” for yourself? And I’d love to hear you speak to the camera, any maybe introduce the piece. ๐Ÿ™‚ – Also, I’ve had video’s take longer than 2 hours to upload to Youtube and I’ve had them take less than 10 minutes. I only difference I can see is that when I had a stronger Internet connection, they upload faster. (My connection is usually slow ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) I picked up some info & tips from reading in blogs and such what people’s experiences have been & they’re suggestions.


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