The Unexplained

It begins with a photograph, of an attractive normal family, and a claim which is remarkable yet credible. A man “surfed” down fifteen floors of the North tower of the world trade centre, and survived with only a twisted ankle. I don’t like the source they cite, but believe it on this.

Then my friend’s facebook share makes six pages of A4, moving through less believable claims. Private weapons/defence/security corporations carried out the 9/11 “investigations”, but had a conflict of interest which led them to cover up the real story. Companies may have a conflict of interest, but one likes to believe in a human capacity to tell right from wrong, and that enough people would have enough integrity to bring out the truth.

It warns us to be cautious and sceptical, because the usual run of 9/11 conspiracy theorists are wrong. Of course explosives could not have brought down the WTC in that way. How silly. Instead, directed energy weapons, using the Hutchison Effect, brought down the building. A look at its website shows that in 1979 John Hutchison while attempting to duplicate the experiments of Nicola Tesla found a source of free energy with the effects of shattering metal and cancelling gravity.

Unfortunately, those bad people at Wikipedia, who seek to exclude such benefactors of humanity as John Hutchison from that website, have removed the article on him. See here and here for comparisons. The only reference to the Hutchison Effect is in an article on a TV programme. I deleted the link to that TV programme from the article on Mayor John Hutchison: no need to give it too much prominence.

Back to facebook. Only one researcher has meticulously analyzed ALL of the easily verifiable physical evidence from 9/11 …[and] has offered a scientific conclusion that explains ALL of this easily verifiable physical evidence from 9/11 but unfortunately she is the victim of a wide spread internet campaign to slander, criticize, marginalize, disrespect, discredit, and censor information about her… Several [Internet discussion] groups claim to be 9/11 “Truth” groups, but if you even mention Dr. Judy Wood or the important evidence she has discovered, they will often censor you, ban you from their group, or ridicule you for discussing her.

Wow. When the conspiracy theorists exclude you for being too nutty, you are in a bad way. The explanation is that they are part of the conspiracy.

Yet my fbfnd shares this stuff. I think it is a conspiracy. If the Big Corporations put out enough refutable conspiracy theories, sensible people like you and me will be jaded, and not spot the real conspiracies.


I am delighted to have penetrated the Great Firewall of China! I would really like Greenland, but the problem there is population, 56,000. Even in the UK I have not reached 0.01% of the population yet. Onwards and upwards!

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6 thoughts on “The Unexplained

  1. I always operate from the very basic premise that the United States Government couldn’t keep a secret if it had too … our Government is as leaky as the proverbial sieve. Any conspiracy would have to be kept secret, and I scratch my head wondering if the United States has EVER managed to keep a secret. Perhaps … once … maybe. 😉


    • In Britain, we have statutory protection for whistleblowers against dismissal. I looked at it, as a Claimant representative on employment tribunals, and you would have to be a better lawyer than I to get it to stick, even if you were advising the client before s/he made her disclosure. And yet it creates some residual fear in employers against wronging a whistleblower, and shows that the public have respect for such people.


      • That’s true … I agree. I actually think the American Government blabs its own secrets. Everyone was talking about the NSA being out-of-hand before Edward Snowden made it clearer. I think it was Churchill who cautioned against revealing secrets to the United States on the grounds that the US Government was “naïve.” I think clumsy and juvenile would be better words !


  2. Thank you for posting this article – it’s fairly accurate overall, though more specific points of evidence could be mentioned such as “Dr Wood has illustrated the WTC towers did not “burn up”, nor did it “slam down” – they turned into dust in mid air.” Adding that short sentence would have added a lot to the article.

    Also in this sentence: “How silly. Instead, directed energy weapons, using the Hutchison Effect, brought down the building.” is not quite correct – it should really say “using *something like* the Hutchison Effect”. We don’t know if it’s the exact same thing – but we do know that Los Alamos knew about this research as early as 1983.

    If people want more information about how aspects of the cover up of Wood’s research has been implemented, please download and share my free e-book from this page:


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