The Benefits of Nazism

My friend’s school put on The Producers recently. Perhaps they thought it edgy for a child who learned German at his mother’s knee to wear a Nazi uniform, but with the grandchildren of combatants now in middle age, it is time to see the benefits of Nazism. I don’t mean all we have learned from them- “First they came for the Jews”, and I know that it is for me to do something about that, because I am a Jew- we learned that from their opponents. The Nazis were so wrong that what is right became crystal clear. The Nazis- testing the Wrong Way to destruction, so no-one else need ever go there. What I mean is all that is tempting about their ideology.

One tempting thing is the Ourselves Alone loyalty. So Foreigners are dangerous, and must be restricted: David Cameron portrays Romanians as benefit scroungers, and seeks to have them excluded from the country, playing on our fears and resentment.

Another is the black and white morality. Anti-abortionists can get together and feel one with the Group, a powerful and delightful feeling, and feel Right, which is even better. They are divorced from reality, but their feelings are wonderful. This causes suffering for others. The Northern Ireland Justice Minister is consulting on extending the category of permitted abortions from pregnancies which threaten the life of the mother to pregnancies where the baby could not survive outside the womb.

That anyone could imagine it was right to force a woman to go through with a pregnancy where the baby could not survive outside the womb is horrifying: and the other political parties have expressed opposition to the extension of the law.

Late abortions are normally in extreme situations, such as a threat to the life of the mother, or a foetus incompatible with life. Most abortions take place before twelve weeks. The woman has the right to choose. But this is not the tempting moral simplicity of the anti-abortionist, but a refusal to make a judgment on the woman, who will have feelings for her child, and will only have an abortion if she cannot see an alternative. It is not for me to decide. I refuse to define myself against the Outsiders, the Bad People.

I am not saying Mr Cameron is a nazi, merely that he had adopted a central plank of the nazi world view, rather than a peripheral one like Hitler’s vegetarianism.

4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Nazism

  1. To digress on your peripheral point, I’m sure you are aware that Hitler’s alleged vegetarianism is continually refuted and described by Hitler’s biographer as a myth propagated by Goebbels. Plus vegetarian societies/publications were banned/restricted during Nazi Germany.

    Anyway, to go back to your general points, Sure, what was wrong became clear – didn’t it? So why are our governments restricting individual freedoms leaving us with dictatorship disguised as democracy?


    • Wikipedia. The thought of the man being “distressed by suffering” is just weird, but I suppose possible. It seems he was portrayed as vegetarian before he was, properly, but in the end he was vegetarian.

      Britain has been democratic for 95 years: in the 1918 Act not just women, but most men (those without property) got the vote for the first time. When Mario Monti became prime minister of Italy in 2011, it was like the Queen appointing Mervyn King to the House of Lords and making him Prime Minister. Angela Merkel was 35 before she could vote in a democratic election. Democracy is fragile.


      • I read Wiki. And while it has improved its overall accuracy of late, for a controversial topic I wouldn’t rely on wiki at all.

        Democracy, in terms of having the vote, is one thing. Our choice of who to vote for, and the legislation they subsequently enact is another again.


        • I don’t have anything better to rely on. I threw out my William Shirer because I did not want to be unduly attentive to that foulness. I certainly don’t want to study a plurality of sources, especially not when Hitler’s vegetarianism tars other vegetarians not at all, even less than his disputed Christianity tars Christians.


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