Wedding photography

Wedding portrait small

Here is my parents’ wedding photograph. Wedding photography has come on a great deal since 1962, it seems. After scanning it, I recalled it and thought how they might almost be holding numbers in front of themselves, it was so impersonal- looking at it again I see it is not quite that bad. I note the prayer book my mother holds.

I much prefer this informal one.

Wedding informal small

Just as in the war, he has cracked a great line, and looks as if he cannot believe his good fortune.

7 thoughts on “Wedding photography

  1. Fantastic photographs Clare, there is something innocent about older images, especially older wedding photos pre 1980’s, you can see the innocence, the lack of carnal knowledge and the twinkle in their eye. I must have done near 150 weddings amnd only a rare few I could see that twinkle, most had already been living together for years, have the kids as flowergirls, pageboys and ring bearers and of course many don’t marry now before running off with the woman who was suppose to be the chief bridesmaid or the wife to be runs off with the bestman to be.
    One wedding I wish I had done was a civil partnerships, I did advertise it on my site but one enquiry but no takers, so if you ever take the band of gold then let me know 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your parents with us and I can see the twinkle in both their eyes 😉


    • I am glad you like them.

      We are probably better off, knowing more about sex- “Masters of Sex” on the TV now shows people suffering from their ignorance. Photographing weddings, do you get much such soap-opera goings on? Do you think religious weddings have a bigger Twinkle?


      • I don’t know about knowing about sex, yes the mechanics of it, safe sex ect, but the joy is exploring, I know my first time was teenage hormones raging about me, the first sight of her breasts, not seen a pair apart from my mothers, the experimenting with kissing, while fighting with her bra and the funny side, giggling with nervousness and slight embarrassment while we fought with a condom and the the laying skin to skin, the whole thing was painful, funny, embarrassing, soothing, togetherness, the feeling of someone else laying naked against your skin, it didn’t matter if it never happened it was a prelude to the future. 🙂

        As for weddings, I loved doing them, I was as excited as the happy couple, it can be stressful as you are recording special moments in time for the future and beyond in memories. I was once asked if I get nervous, I replied, I am just taking photos that way, it wasnt as stressful as it could have been. I have done mainly religious weddings mainly Church of Scotland, some ministers allowed photos during the service other were very strict, I have also done, weddings in castles, in a field, by a river. No really soap wedding, I have been at a few were the bride and groom fell out, its just stress, I have only had one bridezilla, harassing mother in laws, no fights, weeping father of the bride. The best one I did is when the grooms family had come from Canada, he had not seen them for about 6 years and his parents meeting their grandchildren for the first time, the grooms brother was best man, he wad only 15 and had everyone, including me in tears as he did his speech about the love for his brother and how much he missed him. 🙂

        Take care
        God bless 🙂


    • Thank you. They are very different.

      The first is posed. Wedding photography has moved on from 1962, but the picture does not seem to show relationship to me.

      The second is taken by someone in the face, after. It says far more about them, as people.


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