turbinesAs the bridleway is walled by high hedges, I did not see who made the loud “Gneeargh” sound: a loud projected voice, not a shout. I turned into it, and saw two men, one much larger, ahead. They were ambling, so I soon caught up. I said “Hello” as I passed by.

-Hello, said the taller one.
HELLO said the shorter one, in that loud voice. Perhaps I looked at him a moment longer than he expected: SORRY, he said.

I had to say something. Or, my heart went out to him. Or, he triggered something in me. Or something. Onywye. Speaking slowly, and trying to use simple words, I said,

“Some people might see you and be surprised or angry, but most people will see you and not mind; and being, er, unusual myself”- I took off my wig- “I think most people do not mind. I respect you”.

He had crept sideways, so that the other was between us, and I could see his hair behind the other, but not his eyes. “I respect you,” said the other. I walked on.

Not an instantly perfect encounter. He did not tell me that he had been hitherto terrified of other people’s reaction to him, but hearing and seeing me he had been persuaded

Everything is Alright

and he would never be unduly frightened of a stranger again. And- he had triggered something in me, and I had really made an effort, wanting so much to give a gift and Do Good, that I felt an aftermath. Only now, sitting here, have I realised that for an actor that HUGE voice, so effortlessly projected, would be a great gift. I hope it is a gift for him.

Turbine 3TERF blogs are incomplete without the attention of trans women, so they have been tagging their posts transsexual. One, perhaps with more insight than most, thought to herself,

“I want to write a blog about trans women, because I am obsessed by them. But people will see yet another TERF blog all about trans women, and they will point and laugh. I know, I will pretend to be a trans woman who has accepted the TERF idiocies, and decided to revert.” So she did. Her blogs are too silly to fool anyone but TERFs.

I left a comment, pointing this out, and she did a new post quoting my comments- see, a real trans woman has come to her blog! I found I was getting views from it, over a few days my views per visitor went up. If they came here there is just the slightest possibility that they would learn something, but I fear they just came to be horrified, which can be enjoyable in controllable doses. Not really the audience I want. Page views are not always a blessing.

I find wind turbines beautiful. What do you think?

turbines 2

All comments welcome.

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