Put on a sweater

All the major energy suppliers are putting up their prices by around 10%. There was some confusion about whether a cabinet minister had said people should put on a sweater. What would the Prime Minister say? He refused to comment.

Tranny blog question. What is she wearing? In this instance, old jeans, a silk jersey vest, a roll-neck sweatshirt, a silk/cotton/cashmere mix sweater, which is quite old- I loved it so much I darned the holes in the elbows- and a pair of thick socks. Clothes for slobbing around the house in. Of course I am wearing a sweater, it is November.

Four hours of central heating at its lowest setting last night cost me 69p. I have to pay a standing charge on my gas, about 20p a day. People are angry about the increases, and I am angrier about the standing charge. It is a regressive tax. Of course I have to pay towards the bills of those who don’t pay, and the fixed costs of providing a supply, and arguably I should pay towards heating and insulation efficiency of certain vulnerable groups, but that should be in the price of gas, not a standing charge. If I want to save money by cutting down on heating, I still have to pay that standing charge.

It should be the richer people who pay! This is a self-interested argument, but given that there is a public benefit, many would argue that people should pay according to ability, rather than at a flat rate. Standing charges also benefit people who heat with electricity, and have only one standing charge to pay.

It would be ridiculous to go round in a t shirt with the heating full on, but advising people to wear a sweater could be patronising. “Wear warm clothes when it’s cold” is worse than “Stop smoking” or “Wear a seat-belt”. It is also cold-hearted: can they not eat cake? But- if someone says something which is sort-of sensible, if a bit obvious, should it make the news? Can we take it out of context (he said how concerned he was about rising prices, as well) and take the piss?

Of course we can!

4 thoughts on “Put on a sweater

  1. Well, we have a tank so when we need gas we have to order it and there’s a minimum order of 800 euros. This year it’s mild around here but on a cold year it costs thousands to heat. 69p looks rather attractive to me 😀


    • It is a great advantage of wearing a wig. It can be murder in the Summer, but around now is lovely.

      A Quaker I know very slightly- all of BYM know him by reputation- sets his heating thermostat to 13C, as a nod to the needs of the Planet and Simplicity. That is taking it too far, in my view. I understand an igloo is a valuable shelter, bringing the interior to a cosy zero, whatever the weather outside.


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