Global Anglican Failure

The Global Anglican Future Conference- GAFCON- is about homosexuality, and nothing else.

GAFCON 2 in Nairobi finished on Saturday, and produced their Communique. It makes depressing reading. In 2008, the first GAFCON was convened in order to counter a false gospel which was spreading throughout the Communion. This false gospel questioned the uniqueness of Christ and his substitutionary death, despite the Bible’s clear revelation that he is the only way to the Father (John 14:6). It undermined the authority of God’s Word written. It sought to mask sinful behaviour with the language of human rights. It promoted homosexual practice as consistent with holiness, despite the fact that the Bible clearly identifies it as sinful. A crisis point was reached in 2003 when a man in an active same-sex relationship was consecrated bishop in the USA.

What do they object to? The denial that all Hindus go to Hell; and the denial that all sexually active gay people go to Hell. That is what GAFCON is for: to create an alternative Anglican communion which still proudly asserts these things. RULE ONE: NO POOFTAHS! They go on to say that human rights only apply to gay people if we are celibate.

They want to create alternative Anglican churches in the US and England: their objective is Authorising and affirming faithful Anglicans who have been excluded by their diocese or province. The main thrust of work here would be devoted to discerning the need for new provinces, dioceses and churches — and then authenticating their ministries and orders as Anglican. See Anglican Mission in England.

Provinces which unite on the Gospel against Gays should reconsider their support for those Anglican structures that are used to undermine biblical faithfulness. They should split away, and have set up the Primates’ Council, with a WordPress blog!

GAFCON also wants to send missionaries to Muslim lands. We recognize that we have differing views over the roles of men and women in church leadership– so some who would ordain women as bishops draw the line at ordaining gays. We, in all our different traditions– Evangelicals, Anglo-Catholics and Charismatics– people who in King Henry’s time would happily have burned each other, unite here.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, could not attend because of the baptism of Prince George (which absolutely could not be on any other day than Wednesday 23 October) according to the Church Times. Here is the video message he sent, with transcript. It could be taken as code for a lot of things. The main thing is Proclaiming the Gospel. Different churches have different contexts: We are dealing with very rapid changes of culture in the Global North and the issue of sexuality is a very important one. How we respond rightly to that – in a way that is holy, truthful and gracious – is absolutely critical to our proclamation of the gospel. Other churches have other problems. We need unity, which doesn’t mean being unanimous, all saying exactly the same thing in exactly the same way. It means that, as Jesus prays in John 17, that we demonstrate by our love for one another that Jesus is the Son of God.

His call for unity has been spurned. The battle against the Homosexual Apocalypse is more important.

8 thoughts on “Global Anglican Failure

    • Just like the Pope.

      What would a “right, holy, truthful and gracious” response be? Happily married gay bishops, of course- or constant lobbying of Government to make “sodomy” a capital offence- or even declaring, “Sorry, chaps, it really is all a load of rubbish, Dawkins is right.” Very Anglican.

      Ever since Faith in the City the CofE has been saying sane things about poverty. It has not been the Tory Party at prayer for a long time.


        • I left comments on other blogs saying much the same as I say here, and Nigel Fortescue responded, The false gospel is founded on denial of the authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus. Once you do that, there are all sorts of things that flow on as implications. You can largely ignore all the bibles teaching on marriage, family and sexuality. The tipping point for those who want to stay faithful to Jesus and the bible has been homosexuality because the false gospel churches moved ahead contrary to the bible to ordain homosexual people. Fairly standard stuff: accepting LGBT is a symbol of Undermining the Faith.

          Yes, political parties and churches can drum up support through fear of the Outsider, Jew, Queer, or whatever, but I don’t think all those at GAFCON are doing that. I do disagree with Nigel about the nature of authority within Christianity and the value of the Bible- he will give far greater weight to past interpretations than I would, for example- so I would say he wants the Solid Rock to build his house on, and we disagree about how that Rock can be manifest in our lives and the world.


  1. What really bothers me is how they keep relating homosexuality to the gospel. What do that think the gospel is? A bunch of rules? Though shalt be heterosexual? They know Jesus died for the sins of the world. They’re like the Pharisees who put heavy weights on people so they couldn’t enter the kingdom and wouldn’t enter themselves.


    • As I said to Pinky- have you met, by the way? He is worth reading- the question is, what is the Rock we should build our house on? I think GAFCON have it 180° wrong: but yes, a load of rules, and if you take away “Gays must be celibate” the whole thing comes crashing down.


      • I don’t think I’ve met Pinky. I’ll take a look at his sght. Thanks 🙂 But in all seriousness, anyone who puts a rule as a condition for grace has fallen from grace and doesn’t know grace at all. At least according to Galations 5:4.


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