Child abuse II Ratzinger is directly responsible for the sexual abuse of children. He bears responsibility under international law for the rape and molestation of children committed on a widespread and systematic scale. As head of the Congregation for the Defence of the Faith from 1981 to 2005, he was responsible for the system whereby offenders were protected from exposure and victims were silenced. Complainants and witnesses were sworn to secrecy.

My authority is Geoffrey Robertson, QC., first president of the war crimes court in Sierra Leone, and distinguished jurist member of the UN Justice Council.

Child abuse was “endemic” in Irish Catholic boys’ institutions. In the US, dioceses had paid out over $1.6 bn in compensation settlements by 2010. (I can’t find a definitive figure now: This says $3bn in the US alone- there should be a figure, were the RC church not pathologically secretive.) The evidence shows a remarkably higher level of abuse in Catholic institutions: perhaps 6-9% of priests were abusers.

Aged 7, Catholic children may be taking communion, told that the priest who places the wafer directly into the child’s mouth has miraculously converted the bread and wine to the body and blood of Christ. That child is made to confess his sins to the priest, who like God dispenses forgiveness, according to the Catholic church on the direct authority of Jesus himself. The victims of abuse, their reverential fear of the priest inculcated from early childhood, cannot deny the priest’s abusive requests.

The commitment to celibacy and the Church’s condemnation of masturbation as a mortal sin sets up an unendurable tension for many priests, and up to half are “sexually active”. File:BentoXVI-29-10052007.jpgMasturbation is prevalent in seminaries, and the ready forgiveness at Confession forms a cycle of guilt that binds clerics and confessors together wherein secret sexual transgressions become minimalised and trivialised- even sex with minors becomes just another sin to be forgiven. Garry Wills: The infantilism of priests, the combined sexual inexperience and prurience arising from celibacy, the belief that a celibate male is more attuned to spiritual reality than a married man- all this created a framework where sins, when they occurred, had to be denied, the victims had to be blamed, the solution to the problem was simply one of praying harder.

The abuse has been covered up by the bishops, at the direction of the Vatican. Most abusers were moved to different parishes where their record was not known. In 2001, the pope and his cardinals congratulated a French bishop for hiding a paedophile priest from the police and then reassigning him to offend again. In the pope’s apology to his Irish faithful in 2010 he told the perpetrators that forgiveness was theirs for the asking: Christ’s redeeming sacrifice has the power to forgive even the gravest of sins, and to bring forth good from even the most terrible evil. To his brother bishops, Ratzinger wrote, grave errors of judgement were made and failures of leadership occurred. All this has seriously undermined your credibility and effectiveness. How I loathe that passive voice!

The Vatican is a territory of 1.2 square miles in the city of Rome, home to the pope and a shifting population of several hundred bureaucrats. It was granted its current status by Mussolini in 1929. It conducts diplomatic relations of some kind with 178 countries. There is no factual basis for its claim to sovereign immunity.

I was fuzzy on the details, but like everyone I had known that large numbers of priests abused children, and the Catholic church covered it up. I have written this as an exercise in disillusionment. I still look up to authorities, and I seek to stop. The RC church perpetrates monstrous evil, in its abuse of children, and in its ludicrous “moral stances”, such as the refusal to countenance condom use, even to prevent the transmission of AIDS within marriage.

18 thoughts on “Child abuse II

    • I found on your blog this quote: We live in a society plagued by abortion, homosexuality, domestic violence, child molestation, blasphemy, pornography.

      The trouble is, you think it appropriate to mention in the same breath homosexuality and child molestation. This implies that they are equal evils. So, you find child molestation more or less as objectionable as homosexuality, which is entirely unobjectionable.

      Therefore, you do not get to condemn paedophiles. You have not the slightest clue of what is moral or immoral. Find some other reason to attack the Catholics.


  1. He really needs a good slap to be honest..
    not that I advocate violence at all..
    theses paedo’s want arresting!!
    sick of reading about these people, so called priests getting away with it.


        • That is trite. As for the secrecy of the confessional, I can see advantages to it, but the confessor should point out that repentance can only be evidenced by confession to the police.

          Secrecy agreements are common in compensation settlements, and it seems the situation is improving. There is less covering up of active paedophile priests now.


            • Sometimes I respond from my dashboard, but when seeing the past conversation might be advantageous, I go back to the post, such as when I can’t remember what I said.

              “They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it at all” is trite, ie, of course preventing child abuse is a Good Thing- except where it is ridiculous, because, eg, in an attempt to prevent absolutely all child abuse, totalitarian methods of control are applied to everyone, just in case someone is an abuser.

              The trouble with you commenting on this post is that you think the Pope is the Antichrist. That prevents you from thinking clearly about the abuse, what might be done to stop it, or what has been done in the past.


            • He is certainly. NOT of God,and he is the head of antihrist religion.
              Those papists have only sought to bribe victims into saying nothing.
              I’m sure there are those in the rcc,that are angry at the abuse situation.


            • The Pope is not the Antichrist. The majority of Catholics are angry at priestly abuse.

              Just go away. I got stuck in spam filters for four months last year, so I feel some compunction about this- but any further comments from you which do not, in my sole opinion, make a sane contribution to the discussion will be moderated, and WordPress will probably see your comments as spam. Then you will be unable to comment on blogs, and everyone will be better off.


            • By sane,you obviously mean comments that agree with your opinions..
              I said that he is head of a anti-christ religion.
              Roman Catholicism,is not Christian.!!

              You mean the roman catholics would be better off??

              I can only say what I believe.
              I will make no further comment on the issue,


  2. Really interesting. You’ve got some great quotes there. It all just makes so much sense that the set up in the Catholic church would lead to these kinds of problems.

    I’ve been pointed a few times to the John Jay Report – did you have a look at that? Apparently in the USA the rate of abusive priests is 4% which is the same as the general population. Regardless of the accuracy of this figure, the cover up is the most shocking part of the scandal – moving known child abusers to new areas, and with continued access to children.


    • All of this comes from Geoffrey Robertson’s book. In fact, as I am a cheapskate, it comes from that part of his book which is available as a Kindle free sample from Amazon. I am not sure I want to go more deeply into the matter.

      John Jay report: it is 152 pages long, and prepared for the US conference of Roman Catholic bishops. The name of the commissioning body gives me pause, I am afraid.


      • You are so much better at research than me! The person who referred me to the John Jay report told me it was independent, and I didn’t see anything to contradict that. (Good response to Jim Finn above!)


        • Well, it is. Google John Jay, and you find it is the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, part of the City University of New York. Ah, lawyers. JP Morgan:. “Well, I don’t know as I want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell how to do what I want to do.” My feeling is that, though they are not a branch of the church, they are putting a defensible case rather than coming clean- but I have not read the report, and could be wrong.


  3. HoMy apologies claire..I don’t go to your blog to reply,simply because it uses up a lot of my gigabite allowance on my dongle.
    I havee read all of the blog now,from your blog,and have a Better understanding of the whole conversation.
    Thx 4 your patience.

    Hope u forgive me..?? 🙂


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