Should I split?

File:Song of Los copy B plate 08.jpgI post every day, around a large range of subjects. Should I split off parts into separate blogs?

Part of this is my diary, describing people I meet and places I go, and my inner feelings as I get to know them better. I post art works, and comment about them. I write about LGBT and Christian issues, and often about the overlap, the huge earthquake in the church towards accepting queer people and orientation as we are, rather than as entirely sinful. I write on trans issues, and spirituality, and I have also written on karate, political issues, criticism of poetry or television, and other things. I write about anything that interests me.

What do I want from blogging? I want to write, because writing helps me get things clear in my head and also forms a record I can look back after. I wrote in a diary from October 1984 to 2012, when the blog just took over. A lot of this is navel-gazing: I am encouraged by Proust, who wrote about what “Marcel” feels, and how he perceives or misperceives how he feels, and so I explore my feelings and how I feel about them.

I want to interact. I want comments, and page views. I want an audience. If I concentrated on one particular subject, I might build interest in that. I feel that the most important part of the blog, for me, is the diary, and other matters leaven it, as a steady diet of my feelings, rather than Proust’s feelings written by Proust, might be too much for readers.

My greatest number of page views are for trans issues. The title “Tranny blog” was pure search-bait, and it got searches. For the last six months, “Tucking” has been consistently popular. Tucking is about a technical issue of interest to trans women and cross dressers, but “tranny blog” was writing about outsiders who use that word, rather than providing what the searchers might have been looking for. Last year, Durga got a lot of views, from people looking for pictures- the searches have dried up this year- but Kuan Yin was less popular.

Of 733 daily posts and 13 pages, I have 35 with more than 100 views, plus 17,000 to the home page/ archives, and a total of 43,000 views.

If I were to create a new blog on a single subject, I would need to work on it. I would need to read more deliberately, rather than just write of what I notice, or think and feel.

What do you think? First, polls, which gives no room for nuance at all:

Then, please comment.

13 thoughts on “Should I split?

  1. I like a mish-mash of things. Real life is about a whole range of issues and an interesting blog should reflect that. If you’re mostly playing to an audience, you end up wasting a lot of time. You also stop communicating what you feel the need to communicate.


    • I like your mish-mash.

      One reason to split would be to take a particular subject, say paintings, and read up on it, and do a more informed post once a week. I could see what I could make of such a blog. I think I would still keep this, with whatever interested me.


  2. I can see it’s a difficult decision. As one of your top blog fans, I enjoy the pot luck nature of what you’re going to post. I can see the possibility of you getting more dedicated themed followings if you split subjects, but then you would perhaps have to do more work pulling people in to the specific sites.


  3. I like just having it all come in, but then, perhaps that is selfish of me. I like not knowing, and I have to admire the breadth of your subject matter.

    You is a great writer, all in.

    XX 🙂


  4. It’s difficult to say which posts I like the most or advise on creating a new blog. My own blog topics range all over, though I can see that a more special purpose blog might be a better way to generate traffic.



    • Thank you for commenting, Connie; that encourages, and that is a lot of what I want from this.

      About a third of my search hits are for my post Tucking. It is getting more hits, and getting higher up the search, though not page 1-4. And- technical issues of transition, voice therapy, which surgeon to use, FFS, does not really interest me, and I would need to read up on it.

      I would like lots of readers, maybe even to sell advertising, and I don’t think blogging is the way to making money. So, just have fun with it.

      Writing that post helped me get it clearer in my mind.


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