Clutch and cling.
-You get it, at last, do you?

Always inadequate, always terrified, always not understanding when understanding is necessary, until too late. Grasp at it, desperately, uselessly…

Clutch, and let go.

The Trifecta writing challenge is to write a passage of between 33 and 333 words, this week using the third definition of the word “grasp”: to lay hold of with the mind; comprehend. I found it through Gabriella, who found me through Bumba.

Opisthotonus in a patient suffering from tetanus - Painting by Sir Charles Bell - 1809.jpg

13 thoughts on “Grasping

    • Welcome, Draug, and thank you for commenting. I want to share your link, because I like what you write.

      Visualise it, really grasp that metaphor, digest it and take it into yourself. We clutch, but muscles and joints are for controlled holding, or relaxed touching; gaze and attention can be devoted, and then pass on.


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