Meeting house


The meeting house was built in 1819, with one addition in the 20th century. What do you think of it?

pathP1010317One Friend hates it. It is completely unfitting, It partially obscures the window which above the door, is visible from within, and has a completely different aesthetic to the building. The pillars are just like the Parthenon in that they are not perfect cylinders, but ever so slightly bulgy, to look better. This is called entasis. However, they are made of planks of wood, and are hollow.

Another says that the meeting house would look like a workhouse, but for the porch.

I just don’t know. I barely noticed the building, actually, I have been worshipping there nearly three years and, well, it just was. I was surprised when someone said she hated the porch.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Meeting house

  1. At first glance, I didn’t notice anything odd. But of course now you’ve pointed it out, it seems like an annoying addition covering up a window and making a quaint building less quaint than it would otherwise be. Pull it down!! 🙂


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