7 thoughts on “Maximilian

    • I was browsing fairly randomly through art at wikimedia commons, and found this. He was a Hapsburg, from Austria, invited because of the imperial links- my knowledge of the links between Spain, the Holy Roman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire are, well, sketchy. On Wikipedia I found this wonderful quote about his father, Archduke Franz Karl: “an amiably dim fellow whose main interest in life was consuming bowls of dumplings drenched in gravy.”

      I love the texture of that gold leaf.


      • The Hapsburgs ruled Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries- but that’s unrelated to their rule in Mexico. Mexican monarchists offered Maximilian ‘the crown’. He had the backing of Napoleon, the Pope and various European Royal houses (including Queen Victoria). As you can tell from the paintings, it didn’t turn out very well 😀


        • I get more Republican. While Liz might be inoffensive, good for tourism, etc, and the constitutional ructions of creating a presidency might be difficult, Liz claims continuity from genocidal psychopaths like Edward I, and interfering eejits like George III. Why on Earth would anyone want a foreign king? How could that possibly be in anyone’s interests?


          • It’s a generalized phenomena of importance by association. It happens in regards to sports too. A sort of ‘national virility’. When Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, suddenly his supporters feel special…


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