A revolution?


How revolutionary was Sargent‘s portrait of Virginie? With only Wikimedia for my research I find him starting a fashion few followed. Before, nudes were of course fair game, but ladies were a different matter. Here is a typical portrait from 1882:

File:Varvara Miatleva by Albert Edelfelt.jpg

And then here is a portrait from the “Naughty Nineties”. Yvette looks liable to a wardrobe malfunction, even though her straps are decorously raised.


And another. Katharina Schratt is portrayed in a sort of Mediaeval look.


Not everyone went the full Boldini, though here we are, off the shoulder again:


What of 1906? Evelyn Farquhar is as demure as ever:

John Lavery, Evelyn Farquhar

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