Squirrel in tree

squirrel on groundOo you lookin at?

Squirrels ran around the bandstand in the park. Two stopped, and looked at each other. The tail of one fluffed out suddenly- all its fur was standing straight out- and the other backed down. Both went back to their scurrying, as actual fights are costly in terms of energy spent healing and difficulty finding food when wounded. You might die. We need to reach an accommodation with people. If we do not, we feel insecure.

The natural order of things makes you feel so insecure, dirty and a offender of God that you try to seek justification apart from God and when that doesn’t work you seek out those who have twisted those scriptures and now you can feel a little bit better about what you do, Thankfully, you are not feeling 100% right and so you continue this self justification by blogging and going on Christian blogs to push your sleazy agenda.

The trouble is, this comment touches on truth, though it is twisted. I come from a place where I was not accepted, and my self-acceptance has grown, nurtured by the acceptance of others. And- I am still scarred by that experience of non-acceptance, just as everyone is, for everyone hides a part of themselves, to fit in. It is not that I need accepted by the bigoted haters, soi-disant “Christians”, but that knowing I am not accepted everywhere, I go to their blogs to develop and hone my ability to bear that.

And to defy them. I want to show them that their self-satisfied reiterations of false understandings of God have been refuted, and that we are not ashamed. My tail fluffs out. On the tag homosexuality, there is a surprising amount of good sense among the bigoted drivel, and some haters, seeking to justify themselves, tag on LGBT. I have tagged this Evangelical in the hope of irritating those who deserve to be irritated. I cast pearls before swine- if one in a hundred listened and learned, that is a bonus.

And- there is a touch of conscious incompetence here. I am practising. This improves my ability to live with intolerance- it is their own lives they are blighting, and not mine. As with any practice, one can choose to work on it, or to accept ones level of competence and work on other things.

There is a huge spectrum of opinion, from those who acknowledge the equality of gay people to those who oppose it; it is more life-enhancing to stay with those who have a position closer to mine.

Am I being intolerant? Yes; but there is a moral difference between intolerance of the humanity of a person, which is vile, and intolerance of false opinions expressed cruelly, which are vile. Pope, again:

Ask you what provocation I have had?
The strong antipathy of good to bad.

Finally, I comment on other blogs to get people to visit mine, and I might be better with more rational readers. It is COMMENTS that please me, one comment is worth five Follows, now that “likes” are not enough to draw people in.

11 thoughts on “Intolerance

  1. I like the image of you as a squirrel going in to battle. I think it makes sense to face people and make them explain their opinions, although I realise you have all these other reasons for doing it. Keep up the good work!


    • I have this desperate desire to fix people, and they just do not want to be fixed. Perhaps I should concentrate on fixing myself.

      Have a look at this post: Rachel is an Evangelical liberal, if that makes sense- still basically Evangelical but thinking about their mass of doctrines to which we liberals just say, yeah, whevs. So she says nice things about gays, in the comments a gay man says thanks, and others reply saying in effect “It gets better”. And then there is Mo, who replies to each of these comments saying Gays go to Hell.

      I engaged with him, and he commented,

      Yes, I am aware of the pro-homosexuality side playing word games to promote their views. I was going to do a whole long research thing, but of course you will ignore it.

      The short answer is the translation is perfectly correct. (In your view, the only “correct” translation is one that supports homosexuality, right?)

      The Bible *does not* support homosexuality. That is abundantly clear in both the New Testament and the Old, except to those who insist on making it say something it does not.

      Note how few words you would have to change, to make a cutting response from me to him!

      There are better uses of my time, better places for dialogue. You and I do not agree, but enjoy our encounters. I have more or less honed my Christian and Biblical and moral arguments for homosexuality, and internalised them, so why bother bugging Mo?


      • Well, I don’t know about you, but I find ‘bothering’ people like Mo impossible to avoid. Especially if no-one else is challenging them. I worry about people giving opinions like that on public forums and no-one correcting them. I don’t think it is pointless, and I noticed that at least one of the other people commenting appreciated and was interested in your input. It’s a shame there’s no link through to Mo’s blog! 🙂


        • Would you really want to go there? What could you say, that he would hear?

          The alternative to commenting is ignoring him. Each nice comment has a “NO! HE’S DAMNED!” answer, and you see how these are voted down. Give attention to the nice comments- possibly Tyrell has not been back, anyway. My answers divert the thread into tedious scrapping on Romans 1 and arsenokoitai.


    • I like your likes.

      And some people Like, or even Follow, just to get you to have a look at their blog.

      And- as for your blog, I am not sure. Of course I remember the name of President Tudjman, and how he stood up to Slobodan Milosevic; and a refugee in England once told me, before the war everyone was Bosniac, not Muslim or Croat or Serb. And I regret how it appears that the Serbo-Croat language seems to be splitting on Nationalist lines. I rejoice that Croatia is part of the EU, now, and hope Serbia will accede eventually.

      I do not know enough about the war or its internal politics to critique your perspective, and- generally I trust international courts.


  2. “I have tagged this Evangelical in the hope of irritating those who deserve to be irritated.”

    For a long time I was disturbed by Matthew 10:34-39. But that was before I had learned what the “sword” was. The above quote explains it, I think.



    • ‘Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn

      ‘“a man against his father,
      a daughter against her mother,
      a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law –
      36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

      Yes, I can see you might find that bit odd.

      If we are truly ourselves, not following the crowd, then we will disagree with relatives. If we all conform to Normal, we might maintain a lesser peace.

      Oh! They want to save me from Hell, and to stop me leading others there. It is a good impulse, but it is misconceived, for they have no idea of what Hell is or who goes there.

      What do you think the “sword” was?


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  4. Hello Clare

    As you well know, I am an atheist, but I get your message nonetheless.

    What really irks me about the Christian (I use the term loosely) bigots who cherry pick bits out of Leviticus, is just how many of them eat pork? How many eat shellfish? How many of them wear garments of mixed cloth? All of these things are equally condemned in the Book of Leviticus.

    To the best of my knowledge Jesus in his mission never once mentioned homosexuality nor condemned anyone. Far from it, he told his followers to love one another and forgive. It therefore astounds me just how many of those claiming to be Christians ignore that mission and concentrate instead on the Old Testament. And when they do so, I can only assume that they are hiding behind the Bible to promote their own homophobia. I would like to think that it would be possible to ignore such people. Sadly, we cannot, due to the number of followers they get. One thing that astounded me was a book I was reading, Fanny and Stella (book review on my blog), showed how in Victorian London and Edinburgh, society for the most part was accepting of crossdressed men. One would have thought the opposite and we would have moved on, but it seems the reverse has happened.

    I have just this evening read a post in which American “evangelist” Pat Robertson says he wants a “vomit” button on Facebook for every time he sees a gay couple. Well frankly, I’d like to know why someone who holds such right-wing Christian views would even want to visit a social network founded and owned by an atheist? But then, that hateful individual has shown himself to be a hypocrite before. When one man wrote in to him once saying his wife’s alzheimers disease was so far gone, Pat Robertson told the man to divorce here and go and find another partner. Now, it seems to me that is a lot worse than two gay people in a loving relationship, and whatever happened to “in sickness and in health”?

    I think that is the best way to counter the bigots; be educated and use their own words against them. I generally find it does not take too much hard work to make them look as foolish as they truly are.

    LOVE the squirrel pics. Is that top one in Edinburgh? The ones in East Princes Street Gardens are dead cheeky. When I was a Tour Guide they used climb up on my shoulders.


    Xandra xxx


    • What I dislike about the Christians who cite Leviticus, is that Leviticus 20 calls for gay men to be stoned. My god, they want us dead! FFS! Yes there has always been crossdressing, and- why should anyone object? What possible harm does it do?

      The trouble with a “vomit” or “dislike” button is that people would use it, on Robertson. It would be more polarising than fb is now, in the US. My fb friends are the gentle types who use the word “namaste” mostly, so the gay couples get Likes.

      The squirrels were in Newport (Casnewedd).


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