By the lake decking is suspended above the water, and between the planks I see sun sparkling on the surface, and making ripple-patterns on the muddy bed below. The corner of the decking is an acute angle, like a prow, and the building behind also has an acute angle- the prow-look is accentuated by wires like horizontal shrouds around it, and a triangular mesh like a sail. We enjoy tea, in the sun.

I was walking to the corner shop, and two young women- I would say late teens- came out of a side street ahead of me. They kept looking around, back at me, and then they stopped at the bus stop- and I only thought later, but the bus doesn’t run on Sundays. They were examining me, and I feel they have read me- and that is a threat, after my experiences. I try not to be too frightened by it.

-Well, teenage girls, especially two together. At that age you are interested in everything and everyone, what they look like, how they walk, how to live and be…

That is reassuring, actually. No-one wears skirts here, not below the knee at any rate. They are not necessarily hostile. And- I wasn’t, at that age. I had life completely sorted, and even though I was completely wrong about it that did not detract at all from my certainty.

-You do illustrate however deep the suppression, freedom is always possible. heard of a tax scam. It is no longer possible, but the idea was to import mobile phones, sell them round a chain of seven or eight companies, then export them again. In fact there might be no phones at all, just bricks, or paperwork unrelated to any physical object. The company exporting would claim VAT back from Customs, and the company importing would not get round to paying VAT on the imported phones before going into liquidation.

-Such energy and creativity people put into being parasites! And- imagine being completely alone, only able to manage an armed truce with your partners in crime, unsure when they would stab you in the back-

-How awful it must be to be them!
Though they would probably say the same about us, and between them and our pacifist co-operation there is a huge range of human behaviour and character.

-Oh, the Carousel scam, said Ian when I talked of it later.

I was thinking of cycling there, one day, and photographing the church. But I have only just become politically aware, and think, how awful that the masses lived as subsistence peasants and labourers while the surplus was used to build this huge, useless thing.
-But beautiful. It is still beautiful. Value that.

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