Morbidity gay people die younger, and if so, why? Is it the prejudice of the straight population?

I started this thinking of parallels with left-handedness. In the 90s I met a number of left handed people, and those at school in 1920 often told me they had been forced to write right-handed. The verbally clever and emotionally barren play on words “The left hand is not the right hand” illustrates this. Those in school in 1930 were unlucky to be forced to use the left hand, by a backward teacher. There is a similar visible reduction in prejudice: the word “left” comes from Old English lyft meaning weak or useless.

So while the common understanding was that left handers died ten years younger, it is not necessarily the case. Merely establishing that there are fewer left-handers in older age groups is not enough: older lefties may have been converted. In England gay lovemaking was criminal until 1967, (in Scotland until 1980!) and older gay people might even now pretend to be straight, or be misreported as straight by prejudiced family members.

Here is an interesting study: gay people have a greater incidence of mental disorder in US states which do not protect us against employment discrimination, or include us as a protected group in hate crime legislation. Such states will be following the wishes of the majority of their population, though perhaps a majority in the recent past rather than now, so such lack of protection indicates historic prejudice in the population. Where that is the experience of gay people we suffer more mental disorder. Family Acceptance Project has done research showing that where families reject their child’s homosexuality, suicide and sickness is increased, and life success decreased. Falsely claiming that the Bible says gay sex is always sinful kills children.

Marli Renee at first appears winsome, opposing prejudice against gay people, but accepts those false views about the Bible, and cites the “Family Research Council”. See what they say about homosexuality: Family Research Council believes that homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large, and can never be affirmed. It is by definition unnatural, and as such is associated with negative physical and psychological health effects. This is the bias from which they start, with a paranoid dose of victimhood: Hollywood and the media relentlessly propagate the image of the fit, healthy, and well-adjusted homosexual. Tell that to Fox News, or TV Tropes, which gives hundreds of examples. The research is as selectively cited as the claim about the media.

People continue to be gay, and find partners, under the most repellent persecution: see this gay magazine from the 1950s- so I propose something which Marli may be willing to endorse- as her condemnation of unthinking nastiness to gay people is valuable and Christian. If the conservative agenda is limited to non-sensational claims that gay sex is unnatural and harmful, and discrimination or hate crime against gay people is made unlawful as that against black people, we will see how the morbidity changes.

6 thoughts on “Morbidity

  1. I am gay and left-handed and I recently came across two separate studies. One was a study that showed that left-handers suffered from some sort of “brain damage” and that science showed that the brain of a left-hander was not the same as a right-hander. Then just days later, I read a theory about gay peoples brains being different than straight people brains. Both studies concluded that it was brain damage, an abnormality. I posted about these studies and jokingly said I must really be damaged lol. I don’t know what causes either of these things, but it is clear that it isn’t something people just decide to do to be different. In some ways it seems like as racism, the minority is considered abnormal.


    • Welcome, Carla, I am delighted to see you here. When I was deep in homophobic denial, I read that late parturition was dangerous for the child, with a greater likelihood of mutation. I thought my mum had got off lightly with me being left-handed. Of course it is like racism, diversity is enriching, not threatening.


  2. Since when was being different, (having differently configured brains, for example) a sign of abnormality?

    Oh, yeah, of course, for ever, darling! If anything is different, it has to be “damaged”, doesn’t it? It is never allowed just to be what it is. The judgement in that is simply the prejudice by a majority who are “the same” as each other. How boring is the mainstream, after all. How unimaginative. Yawn!

    xx 🙂


    • A man commented that if the bible condemns my sexuality, it is no worse than his gluttony. I said, how dare he compare these things? I suppose it is a message for the borderline-evil nutcase Conservative Evangelical (apologies for the tautology and the contradiction) who would think nothing of sacking an employee he found was gay, and would complain loudly of Religious Persecution if a business could not refuse to serve gay people- my sexuality is at worst no worse than his gluttony- but one tends to hope for something more, from most people.


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