Questions award from Purple Gloves, a witty and lovely man from Ghana who writes about Life in a universal way. What I like about these chain-letter thingies is the questions.

Cats or dogs or other? If other, please specify:

Actually, that snake was lovely, and feeding her is not much of a problem, but given that I can hardly keep a pot plant alive I am not sure I want the responsibility. A cat might just walk out and find someone more congenial.

Talk about one thing you have done or didn’t do that you regret:

Je ne regrette rien might either be really wise and mature and generally wonderful, or borderline psychotic. It either means, I know that I have done absolutely the best that I could under the circs, and it has been alright, really, so far; or it means Everything that went wrong was someone else’s fault. They’re all Bastards!! You are not certain which of these I fit.

Name one travel accessory you cannot do without:

This year, actually, a tent. My holidays are under canvas, though I expect a day or two visiting friends in the UK, who will have all the conveniences I could wish for.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would you pick and why?

Oh, you have read all the “three wishes” tales. That is not Buckingham Palace, I say, and find myself working as a cleaner, terrified my illegal immigrant status will be discovered.

What is your favorite type of music?

To say “Classical” is inspecific. It has a range from full orchestra to unaccompanied violin, at least five hundred years of music, every single human emotion, pieces lasting from less than a minute to five hours- all human life is reflected here. Yet I cannot choose among it generally, only depending on my mood.

Name one hobby

Is personal growth weekends a hobby? Facilitators market these things as teaching us the secret of Life the Universe and Everything, and we just go away for the weekend, relax and have fun. Even the agonising and “learning” is fun.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why

I would like a uterus.

So far, what has been the high point of your WordPress blogging experience?

It is all good, actually. I love comments, and am not alone in this.

If you could go back to any period in time to experience it or change it, what time would you choose and why?

I would not change anything because I would be frightened of making it worse. To experience, I would like to become an intimate friend of Marcel Proust.

Why do you blog?

To practise writing, to amuse myself, to reach out to others, to find out what I think, to give me a reason to find things out, to record my life and prove to myself that I exist, to educate people about transsexuality from my own perspective, to start a religion: everyone, in 500 years time, will be a Flourishian.

Thank you, DC. That was fun. I hope you enjoyed it.

4 thoughts on “Questions

    • At the museum, there were species of snake which were too dangerous to be handled, kept as a beautiful exhibit. I would like a snake I could relate to- perhaps a cat would be better after all. As long as it was a really friendly one.


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