Poppy field beforeI am sensitive,

and that is a gift.

It means I can see others, and resonate with them

know their feelings

understand a situation

and it means I am easily hurt.

This gift seemed not to fit my world.

It made me think wrong things.

It hurt me.

So I saw it as weakness and wrong

and I suppressed it.

But I could only suppress the gift, the seeing:

I could not suppress the being easily hurt.

So it seemed like only weakness and worthlessness.Poppy field after

As I learn to see and sense others

I am still easily hurt

I am still not in control

unable to see or do the Act which makes things Perfect

yet I learn to see others, and resonate with them

know their feelings

and understand a situation

In my weakness is my strength

I will know the place for the first time

I am sensitive

and that is a gift.

6 thoughts on “Sensitivity

  1. “I was thinking that I might fly today
    Just to disprove all the things you say
    It doesn’t take a talent to be mean
    Your words can crush things that are unseen
    So please be careful with me, I’m sensitive
    And I’d like to stay that way.” ~Jewel

    There is true transformation in showing your humanity in sensitivity. That’s what Gandhi used to defeat a government. True humanity in weakness. It’s undeniable and beautifully strong.


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