http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/SophiaMystical.jpgGod can only be described with negatives. Even, perhaps, the Father should not be thought of as God, for it surpasses divinity. It is perfect, and so needs nothing. It is neither corporeal, nor incorporeal. All it asks for is itself alone, within the perfect light.

It perceived its own image, and its thinking became a thing. The Mother appeared. She is the Power which is before the All. She became the primal Human, androgynous and everlasting.

They put forth emanations: Foreknowledge, Thought, Incorruption and Eternal Life, the five generations of the Father. Then the Mother, turning herself toward the Father, gave birth to a spark of blessed light- though not equal to her in greatness. It was the Son. The Father anointed the Son, who became perfect. At the Son’s request, the Father put forth Mind. The Father gave the Son all authority, so that the Son is the True God. The Father willed, and his Will appeared, and through it the Son created everything. But Adam was beside Christ, with unconquerable intellectual power.

Sophia-Wisdom thought a thought from within herself, without the Father or her partner the male virginal Spirit, and forth came an imperfect spirit, with the face of a serpent or lion. She cast him out, placing him within a cloud so none might see him, and named him Yaldabaoth, the Chief Ruler.

Yaldabaoth copulated with his own Madness, and begat angels, including Hermas, the eye of the Fire, and Sabaoth, and Cain. He produced seven kings over the Heavens, giving them his own power, but not any of the light he had drawn from the Mother. He made them call him God, saying, “I am a jealous God“. The Mother repented.

The powers of Yaldabaoth created a body, bone sinew and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b9/Valentinianpleroma-Matter.pngflesh, but it lay inactive, because they could not awaken it. The Father, seeking to extract the power of the Great Mother from Yaldabaoth the Chief Ruler, sent powers to advise him to blow into that body from the spirit within him. Yaldabaoth’s powers became jealous, and brought Adam down into the shadow of Death. They made a Tomb for him, the fetter of the Flesh.

Yaldabaoth placed Adam in Eden, intending to deceive him. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is Sophia, and the command not to eat of it is to keep him in darkness. But Christ told Adam to eat. Eve, the reflection of the Light, hid herself inside Adam, and Yaldabaoth pursued her, unable to grasp her, but created the flesh form of woman for her. He cursed her, that Adam should rule over her. Yaldabaoth raped her and begat Yawe and Eloeim, Cain and Abel.

Perhaps there were two births of Adam, that on Earth echoing that in the eternal generations.

The Mother sent her Spirit to awaken Spirit in men, and those on whom Spirit descends will be saved, and become perfect. But some are entered by a counterfeit spirit, which draws them astray. Yaldabaoth’s powers cast them again into fetters (reincarnation) until they receive Gnosis- and in this way they become perfect and are saved. But some never repent, and are tortured eternally with the angels of poverty.

Then Christ came, to save the spirit of those who heard from the chains of the flesh.

This is a summary of the Secret Revelation of John. I will say what I think of it tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Yaldabaoth

    • Before the Babylon exile, the Hebrews had a Mother goddess with the Father, but the tradition was stamped out. Mary is wonderful as Queen of Heaven singing the Magnificat- “All generations shall call me blessed” when she is pregnant out of wedlock, a terrifying situation- but she is made safe by the church, safe for the men, that is.


    • I don’t believe anything. I have experiences and practices, and verbal formulations which appear useful. None of this is a hypothesis.

      What do I believe about God? The paradox is, God is and God is not. Sometimes it feels as if I am an evolved being in a material universe, sometimes as if I have a personal God who has numbered every hair on my head. Sorry if that makes no sense.

      I find some of the pictures beautiful- the Female at the heart of God, for example, even though Yaldabaoth, the bad guy, comes from the Mother. I find the core idea that matter is evil ridiculous and harmful- at least matter is morally neutral- but possibly some value in the way one lives could come from such a belief.


  1. Thank You Clare for your endeavours. My name is Sophia Sentient Sinne Stamos, your work has been a tremendous blessing to my life. Sincere Gratitude Sophia of Celsus Paracelsus Ephesus Asia Minor

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  2. Cuando se refiere a que yaldabaoth tuvo hijos con eva.; yave, el dios cristiano ÂżserĂ­a Ă©se? Por que los elohim son los Angeles, ya sabemos de abel y cain, disculpe si entendĂ­ mal, use traductor para leer el documento.

    When it refers to that Yaldabaoth had children with Eve; Yave, the Christian god, would that be? Because the elohim are the Angels, we already know about abel and cain, sorry if I misunderstood, use a translator to read the document.


    • Bienvenido. Gracias por comentar. Por favor use el traductor para comentar en inglĂ©s.

      According to this story, the Jewish God Yahweh or ‘Yawe’ was a son of the false God Yaldabaoth. It contradicts the Genesis account. I don’t believe either as literal history, but the idea in this story that matter is evil, by nature, is repugnant. Matter is part of God’s good creation.


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