http://prayerwarriors.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/power-in-prayer-and-praise-music-video-tuesday-november-18-2008/healing-hands/Justifications are unnecessary.
I express myself female because I am transsexual.
I want to practise Reiki because I can channel healing energy, or Qi.

Well. I want to practise Reiki because it is a wonderful placebo, and I have the showmanship to carry it off. If you can fake sincerity, you have got it made. I express myself female because I am a transvestite pervert who has lost all sense of proportion. Or something.

I am fairly sure that the theory of autogynephilia is trivial. Yes, we get turned on by the thought of us female. No, this does not cause us to transition: if it did, “gender dysphoria” could have no meaning.

Some think there is that causal link, though I think the cause is likely to be the other way round. What do I do with contrary evidence?
-Blot it out of consciousness, ignore it, deny it, pretend it is not there, collapse weeping thinking of it occasionally-

Acknowledge it. It exists. It will not make me change my actions. It does not affect my situation: few cissexual folk care. What matters is my reaction to it. Is it a threat? Only if I find it so.

I have felt my hands grow warm, and I have felt warmth seemingly communicated from another’s hands, without touching. Others have valued my attention. And I want that to be the reason why I perform healing: I want it to connect to the reality of the other person.

I spoke to a man who has given several types of Healing over thirty years, and said it seems it’s just placebo. He said, “Yes, that’s about the size of it”. That shocked me. I should have asked straight out, “How do you let yourself do it, if that is all it is?” He told me of spending time with Shiatsu practitioners, and how lovely that was.

What I want is a reason for doing this. My inner rationalist should sense my hands growing warm, sense heat or coolness as I pass my right hand over someone, and use inductive reasoning to connect that to a measurable positive result for the other. It does not work that way.

Relax. It is alright. What I have instead is that I want to do this, that I like to do it, and that other people seem to like it too. It is not this amazing mystic calling, which I cannot follow without perfect certainty that it is right; it is a thing I can do if I want to. And- placebo is a powerful effect.

2 thoughts on “Justifications

  1. Fantastic! Brilliant! And totally right. It feels good, doesn’t it, when we stop thinking up reasons why we do things, and just accept that we do them because we do them. I am that I am, and all that jazz. Reasons why always seem to engage with the argument, and there is little point disputing with What Is.

    I might add that You Are Female – that you say you “express yourself female” suggests that one day you might stop doing so. Just because you wear flares, darling, does not mean that your feminine essence is in doubt. Of course! Teasing you.

    I enjoy, “If you can fake sincerity, you have got it made.” Must try to remember that! 😉

    Bless you! ♥


    • The sincerity quote is not in the ODQ, but t’internet attributes it to George Burns. While researching it, I found If women dressed for men, the stores wouldn’t sell much — just an occasional sun visor, not attributed to anyone.

      Mmm. Why bother about verbal justifications, or let the decision be made by the one who produces the best? And- yes, I am female, but if someone would deny this I cannot afford to let that bother me too much. Which is what we are talking about.



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