Slippery slope

Legislating gay marriage will set us on a slippery slope to legalised bestiality, necrophilia, polygamy and the end of civilisation. It is a sign of Satan’s enslavement of the World. Equal marriage will “Destroy our morals, our values, and yes our world”.

Slippery slope? WHEEEEE!!!!!!

That sort of argument, visible in many places on WordPress, shows quite how much I disgust these Christians. I get the idea of a slippery slope towards polygamy- I welcome it: if people can manage a mature poly relationship, good on them, and such relationships should be celebrated- but not to incest or paedophilia. Incest has a bad consequence, genetic disorders from inbreeding, and paedophilia has a victim who is harmed by the experience. That is why it is a crime.

They use the Natural Law argument: the natural purpose of sex is conception, and to create a bond between a couple. Arguably, the latter purpose is more important, judging from the proportion of sex acts which result in conception. Bestiality and necrophilia do not create such a bond. I can hardly imagine someone wishing necrophiliac sex with a relative, and the cadaver belongs to the relatives. A corpse with no friends or relatives has been human, and is therefore entitled to respect. There are moral arguments against these things.

That disgust bothers me. Disgust alone is not a valid ground for a moral argument: there are arguments against necrophilia, and none against gay lovemaking. It is part of the taboo around sex, which is necessary: caressing and being caressed messes with my head.

These “pastors” and others arguing against marriage look at another human being and feel disgust, so seek to control that other. Rather than seeing the problem in their own disgust, they say the problem is with the other. There is no threat to them, other than to their misconceptions, but that feels the most terrible threat: see the violence of the language they use about it.

O God, save me from my beloved falsehoods. Save me from my blind spots.

Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains. No, not BDSM, but the Right of the Strongest. Rousseau’s answer is the Social Contract, a dialectic of opposites: nature and society, freedom and contract. All should seek the interest of all. The problem is seeing what that interest is.

10 thoughts on “Slippery slope

  1. I suspect the Christians who worry most this have been rocked by a same sex attraction that goes into their ‘sin’ box and deeply confuses them. You’re right that the arguments used by some of them are utterly ridiculous and show their complete lack of understanding of harm, consequences and morality in general.


    • Not necessarily. For some, I think it is a symbol of how seriously we take the Bible and its commands.

      I keep banging on about this with you. Everyone is wrong, more or less. So, how and why they are wrong is a less interesting question than what value they find in their position, and what good I can find in it.

      And- the Christian who is completely against equal marriage may have sane instincts on, say, a theft from his office by a friend and colleague.


  2. I was really interested to hear the argument recently, that legislating to allow equal marriage, “would be unfair to those in civil partnerships…” Even my young daughter saw the silliness in that.

    Take care, darling Clare.

    XX 🙂


    • The Tory view had a lot of sense to it. I understand those in civil partnerships will be able to convert them to marriage if they wish. Then the Tories would leave it for five years. If there was a great demand for civil partnerships for straight folks, they could be instituted, and if there was not, CPs could be closed to new applicants.

      And- beware of people apparently sympathetic with the underdog, whose real motive is to prevent a great increase in fairness. Ah. That’s the argument, isn’t it?

      You think X is the underdog, but Y is really the underdog
      So your great reform will not address the real unfairness
      So it is hypocritical rubbish, and should be defeated.

      Your young daughter is a sensible girl.


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