Trans welcoming

Here is a woman Bartolome_Montalvo_Bodegon_de_caza_%28liebres%29.jpgwho feels persecuted. She isn’t. Here is one, far friendlier and more rational, who got her head bitten off.

Joelle shares with approval an article claiming that Christians suffer hate, merely by being Christian. I sympathise. She perhaps imagines a 1950s America where Christianity was seen as a Good Thing, and Christian Values very close to American Values. But now, a man need merely state that as an Evangelical he finds all gay sex sinful, to unleash a torrent of HATE. The writer is shocked when a man says that and others call him an ignorant bigot: and from this, exaggerating wildly, he imagines a “sweeping intolerance of Christianity”.

It must be hard if you see yourself as one of the Good People because of this identity you have claimed, to state things which you believe fit with that identity and be called an ignorant bigot. The trick is to find why you are called a bigot. Some people feel Christianity is a ridiculous superstition, which should be expunged for the good of humanity, but most people can live and let live. Christians try to live well, and that is a good thing.

I don’t hate the person. I certainly don’t hate the Christianity, I am Christian myself. However the view that all gay sex is sinful is morally equivalent to, say, the view that black people should have separate services and not use white people’s services. I abominate that view. It is neither Biblical nor Christian. I can’t entirely bracket it out when I consider the person.

Think Banned Thoughts (great title) wants to know why someone on a feminist site who said trans people were welcome there got her head bitten off by a woman with a trans history. She feels it is because that woman thought her trans-ness was entirely in the past.

Well, not quite. On a feminist site, women are welcome. I am a woman. Therefore I am welcome. Simple deductive reasoning. If you single me out, you raise a question about me. It seems that some might doubt I should be welcome. You can see that I might find the statement “We accept all people- even people like Clare!” a bit off.

I am aware of “radfems” who hate trans women, and seek to exclude us, but they are a tiny minority.

We are moving towards a world where acceptance will be instant and unconscious, where no-one need say, “male or female, straight or gay, all are welcome”. Unfortunately we are not there yet. So at the moment, people still need to say, “We’re all human, straight or gay”- either to convince others, or to convince themselves.

It is slightly better if you say, “Trans women and cis women are welcome here”- two subsets of the main set Women. And- TBT is right: she genuinely does not know this, tries to be an ally, and is seeking answers- we should cut her some slack.

Still lives, today, because I suddenly thought, I have not been sharing still lives. And I learned that Nature morte is French for “still life”- I would not have thought it.

11 thoughts on “Trans welcoming

  1. I welcome all women too (especially women like Clare!) ;-)) Interesting, funny and delightfully colourful, what’s not to love? Oh – sorry, does that statement oppress the rest of us who are not so gifted, funny or delightful? I guess it does, but then, maybe it is our turn……

    Have a great day.

    Ann :-))


    • O my darling, you are my Friend: we know and love each other. How can we associate with people we do not know? Especially on line. Some approach others sideways, terrified of hurt, and hoping rules will protect them. And there is Kyriarchy, oppression, making life difficult. Some, not knowing my loveableness, see me as a symbol, and that is always a bad thing.


  2. Interesting – Nature morte – I thought morte was “death” in French. The first painting would certainly fit that description. And I could see why you would find the statement about accepting “even people like Clare” off-putting! I guess, for me, labeling of any kind is off-putting. Oh, humans, and their need to judge…

    Great post, Clare.


    • Thank you.

      A wee play with Google translate produces:
      Nature morte = still life
      Nature = nature
      Morte = dead. I do not have a good dictionary, and no command of the language. The first still lives I think of are flowers and fruit, some including a skull. The Dutch like still lives- “stilleven”- still meaning still, leven meaning life. I wonder if the French term produces a different range of subject. I found a Spanish “Still life with game“, and Google tells me the Spanish is “naturaleza muerta”.

      I have talked to a man who explained he was so liberal, he could even tolerate people like me. But here we are talking of associations, such as groups of feminists. They don’t want men! So, er- what is a man? Or, what is a “woman”?

      A further thought: in a sense “nature morte” does not mean “still life”, it means “nature morte”, which may be a slightly different thing, but the best term in French for, say, a Dutch Still life.


      • Yes, naturaleza muerta in Spanish would also be “nature dead” as a literal translation (I don’t speak French, but I do speak Spanish).

        Yes, what is a man or woman? I still maintain it’s just a label. A way of describing something or someone but can’t come close to its or their essence – especially in one word.


  3. I still don’t understand why some feminists feel that they get to judge and exclude some people. Surely the whole point is equality for all rather than tiers of different types of equality.


    • I think good will is enough. When you asked why “trans women welcome” would be objectionable, I had to think about it. So a flyting is inappropriate in response. The problem is all the hurt and anger around. If you want to say trans women welcome here, say something as well about why you feel that need be specified.


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