So I asked,
How may I lay down my burden of pain?
For the pain of my past is pain for me now.
And I heard, Know it is past.
Today is a new day.
Today need not be exactly the same as yesterday.
And I asked,
How may I respond in power,
rather than react in weakness?
And I heard,
Know that you are powerful.
And I cried,
I get everything wrong,
and everything is Wrong:
Why parrot, "All shall be Well?"
And I heard,
Notice that it is well, 
and it is.

Note: “When you react you are giving away your power ….When you respond You are staying in control of yourself” is a facebook meme attributed to Bob Proctor.

8 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Thanks, Clare! The still small voice of calm speaks to us now, reminding us of the state of presence. Being here, now, we can cast aside the chains of memory and our fears for the future. We live only here and now, as our heart is beating. And that is beautiful, is it not??

    Much love!

    Ann xxx 🙂


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