Bad vaccines II

That meme my friend shared, saying dangerous substances were in vaccines, is a lie. But what sort of lie? Has any of that precise detail any basis in fact?

There is aluminium in vaccines, in order to strengthen the immune response to the vaccine. The Alzheimer’s Society considers a link unlikely. There is more aluminium in an avocado pear than in a vaccination, and the aluminium is excreted.

Beta-propiolactone is used to sterilise the vaccine.

Gelatin is a preservative for vaccines. An allergic reaction occurs in about one in two million doses. People with a severe gelatine allergy should avoid vaccines containing gelatin, but the rest of us can inject it just as we eat it.

Antibiotics are used in the production of vaccines to prevent contamination. They are removed in subsequent purification.

Genetically modified yeast? Well, it depends whether you see GMOs as always monstrous, or as wonderful, as this article does. I think the reduction of hepatitis B is a worthy cause, and if this method advances it I am in favour. Do the altered genes get in to your cells? Not unless injected there, which is how genetic engineering works. Everything we eat contains DNA.

Glutaraldehyde led me to the World Association for Vaccine Education, or WAVE. The web address indicates hostility. It showed me how latex might get into a vaccine, from the stopper. It also shows how not all these ingredients are in every vaccine, not immediately apparent from the facebook share.

Mercury: the monstrous Legalist (totalitarian) Emperor Qin Shi Huang ingested mercury pills, because mercury, a metal which flows as a liquid, was thought magically alive. It represents the rivers of China in his tomb. Thiomersal, used as a preservative, is being eliminated from flu vaccines, but retained where otherwise vaccines would need cold-storage. That last article shows how the benefits outweigh the risks.

Monosodium glutamate enhances the flavours of food, says Mercola, which calls it a “silent killer”. But the Japanese eat so much of it, why are they not all ill? That Guardian article hints American resistance to MSG comes from xenophobia: “the foreign migrant contaminating American kitchens”. There is far more in food than in vaccines.

The picture is a lie in that not all vaccines contain these ingredients, but also in that it gives the effects of larger doses than you will get from a vaccination, and does not give the reasons for including the ingredients. The benefits of reducing disease spread far exceed the risks, but the picture ignores that.

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