Bad vaccines

A fbfnd shared a meme scare-mongering about substances in vaccines. It appears the manufacturers wish to poison us, perhaps because they want to cause autism.

You will be aware of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide. That this is on facebook means that I cannot even tell if any of its allegations are true, leave alone whether there are reasons for the inclusion of latex rubber in vaccines, or whether it can cause allergic reactions when in a vaccine. And, of course a vaccine contains “bacterial DNA”- that is what a vaccine is, and how it works.

This, dear Reader, is a scare story. My great respect for my fbfnd is slightly reduced by her sharing it. It contains exaggerations and possibly untruths, and I find that from my own knowledge.

I had all the vaccinations normal when I was growing up. Oh NO!!-

They never did me any harm; in my day

Ohmygod. Apologies: I am still prone to these wee outbursts of Conservatism. In my day, boys (ahem) were not inoculated against measles, and the South Wales outbreak, preventable if a sufficient proportion of the population had been inoculated, may have killed a man.

How much trust is appropriate? One tends to hope that in the UK at least, there are enough people in the system who care about truth, and children’s lives, to ensure that vaccines are not injected including harmful substances with no benefit to outweigh any possible risk. In Pakistan, the CIA used a vaccination programme to spy on Osama bin Laden, so perhaps less trust is appropriate.

When it comes to bee population collapse and nicotinoid pesticides, the Government needs evidence of a connection before it will restrict the pesticides, yet supports no research which would make such a connection. I do not believe pesticide companies wish to kill off bees, and so prevent the pollination of our food crops- that would not be good for profit- but they do have an interest in continuing to sell pesticides and might take a higher risk than I would of a disaster approaching the dimensions of the Cretaceous asteroid. Interest may affect ones assessment of evidence. How far do you take the precautionary principle?

Why bother? I am neither going to kill the bees or save the bees, by research or a petition signature; I am not going to be vaccinated. It matters because of the world I live in. I am aware of dog-eat-dog capitalism and high-functioning psychopaths and concepts of honour and decency and joy in creativity and altruism. Where should my trust level be? This picture may even inoculate me against scare stories, so that when one is true I deny it.

These are things I cannot know for certain, and I want rationally to reach a level of trust in the world which is not merely dependent on my mood or the sunshine. That would be a back-up, when “I will do my thing and be concerned only with real bad things, if they actually happen” seems too scary.

11 thoughts on “Bad vaccines

  1. “These are things I cannot know for certain, and I want rationally to reach a level of trust in the world which is not merely dependent on my mood or the sunshine. That would be a back-up, when “I will do my thing and be concerned only with real bad things, if they actually happen” seems too scary.”

    Oh, oh! If you were seeking rationally to approach a level of trust, you might wait a long time. Trust has intangible qualities, as does “living by faith and not by sight”. Yet it seems to me that it is living in faith that is most likely to offer us serenity. The world may be going to hell in a hand-basket, but I refuse to be overturned by that….sort of thing.

    Besides, the ego uses all sorts of arguments for complexity, evaluation, assessment, none of which have the goal of peace. Peace is found in unity, and the ego is devoted to a complexity which speaks of division and separation.

    Peace be with you, now and always.

    XXX 🙂


    • I hear you.

      And- I was set off on Monday, by something almost completely random on the telly- nothing I could have expected to see, or be affected by- and I want to gentle down this state of quivering sensitivity. Sensitivity is a great gift, but at the moment I find it hard. Any way of moving towards trust and acceptance is a good thing. I hope to “just do it” eventually.



  2. Thank you. There are many people who are now refusing to vaccinate children because of allegations against vaccines. Granted they are not perfect nor 100% but they do help. By not vaccinating parents are exposing children to strains of smallpox, measles, and other diseases that have become so antibiotic resistant that they are virtually untreatable.


    • It is a misunderstanding of risk. Vaccines carry risks, but less than not vaccinating. It is complicated by herd immunity, that you will not catch the disease if enough of your society are immune- but still, the risks are such that it is better to vaccinate, and with MMR we had enough refusals to vitiate herd immunity.


  3. Nice to know the same scare tactics are being used in the UK. Makes me think a bit better of our government. Then again, we are extremely profit driven and we probably sell some of that stuff to ya’ll.
    Many parents are choosing not to vaccinate thanks to Jim Carey’s wife’s book. I don’t buy into the whole autism comes from vaccines. I think it comes from many many factors colliding into one: radiation (our rates get higher in the valleys where nuclear plants have been ie. susquehanna valley and TMI); poor eating habits and incresed level of testosterone. As for the bees, they were just trying to scare us about the “Africanized” bees that were coming to kill us a few years ago. Pick one people!
    But it’s true. we shouldn’t put all those disgusting things in vaccines.


    • The particular scare tactic is American: you can tell by the variant spelling of aluminium. As for radiation, Aberdeen and New York are built on granite, which is very good as a foundation for vast, heavy buildings, but also increases background radiation, higher than you should get a mile from a nuclear plant. Disgusting things: the ingredients are in the vaccines for a reason, not to be disgusting. I don’t think autism comes from vaccines. A friend whose son was autistic thought it did, though.


      • I don’t know about the ingredients in vaccines. I think in the world of medicine things must go badly badly wrong before they will evaluate the necessity of such ingredients. I think a lot of time it’s monetarily driven. Just my opinion.


  4. I remember when it came time to vaccinate my babies how I would stress and just know something horrible would happen to them. As a parent, I still hope I made the right choice or in 25 years will I find out that vaccine now causes cancer or worse..


    • I hope you made the right decision. I think you did: my grandfather died from TB, I am vaccinated against it, I have been exposed once, though not for a long enough time to catch it. The bad effects are rare and minor. And- when making decisions for your children you are hyper-vigilant. That is why I particularly resent this scaremongering.


  5. Oh dear, you can tell it’s nonsense when they try to make you scared of gelatine! I like all the scary BLOCK CAPITALS for dramatic effect too. You’re so right that we do start to become skeptical of the skepticism, and our reaction to the stories totally depends on our state of mind on the given day we see them.


    • This is not scepticism but scaremongering: the wee skull on the bottle says it all. We may disagree on the virtue of scepticism: sometimes I find it scouring skin, rather than cleansing it.

      And- of course my reaction is emotional. I am an emotional being. First, is it in my interests, and then does it coincide with my prejudices? Do my sort of people agree? I try to be truthful but it is a struggle sometimes. I would be sceptical of criticism of vaccination programmes, but this meme is just OTT.


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