Fear-based Christianity

It can be terribly difficult to be Christian, navigating between the power of Satan and the justified wrath of God, with eternal damnation the risk and a serious possibility if you fall away. This, quoted with approval by Nathan Bickel here, showed me the full horror of it: “We are not showing authentic love unless we are intolerant of all the popular perversions of love.” So other people are pretending to be loving, but they must be corrected. Even Love is perverted by the Devil, for the damnation of souls.

Jesus is a liar. “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”, he said, pretty confusing after he tells me to pluck my eye out. God, his thirst for blood not slaked by the Amalekites and the Jebusites, or even the Flood, sends hurricanes to kill Americans for their failure to get this impossible task right.

A commenter here said paedophilia is wrong because the bible condemns sex outside marriage. The Bible also condemns residents of Crete, which I hope no-one follows now.

“God’s Will” is the iron moral law for society. So morality cannot change as society changes. Homosexuality is condemned because it was, 2500 years ago, in a subsistence farming society in an area the size of Wales.

Messages of love:
Love your neighbour as yourself
Love one another, for love is of God
Perfect love driveth out all fear
are negated.


Yesterday (9th) I was weeping uncontrollably in the shower, thinking of- something eighteen months ago. Think of it now. Mmm. Slight pang, but I am not overwhelmed.

I want a short paragraph I can say truthfully about the incident and the people involved. An Understanding. That was that, and this is how the world is. I cannot create it. I can hardly create it about the incident itself, involving human reactions, leave alone the World now, or myself.

I want it, and I cannot have it.

I have these Spiritual Tools- Acceptance, Presence, Meditation, Positivity– which really ought to sort such problems out, with the result which has been my lifelong goal, that I never feel emotions that make me uncomfortable. Possibly I have to learn better how to use them. (Writing problem- should I state specifically that I am not getting it yet, or leave that implied?)

That period of weeping. Whether it was about that particular incident, or my inability finally and conclusively to Make Sense of everything, I was overwhelmed. I find such weeping very painful, and I want to avoid it. Recursively, I can’t make sense of the weeping- it was not about the incident, was it?

Can I use my own weakness to empathise with others?

7 thoughts on “Fear-based Christianity

  1. Dear Clare

    The weeping is possibly because you are shedding much painful stuff – old ideas, outdated thoughts, old losses. When going through change, we can find ourselves weeping “for no reason” and that is part of the shedding process. The grief that has hitherto been buried – just like the pain we feel when we release anger – will come to the surface as part of the shedding process.

    By accepting our pain and our sorrow and our anger we make them bearable. What we resists, persists, because we refuse to accept them. Our resistance is intense, as is the energy we expend in the argument against. Hence, the tidal wave. It is normal, natural.

    Take care, and enjoy the sunshine. XXX 🙂


    • Shedding painful stuff, in this instance, not necessarily linked to the subject of my thought while weeping. I feel I have dealt with that particular experience, but there is other pain. I do resist my weeping, which frightens me. I learn to resist less.

      Sunshine- see my new header photo! I sat in the sun on the grass, while the swans danced less than ten yards away.


  2. “A commenter here said paedophilia is wrong because the bible condemns sex outside marriage.” I think I’ll be shuddering about this for a long time to come!! I love the new swan photo by the way. I have nothing sensible to say about emotions, funny buggers.


    • It is a good job I have Ann and Cathy to say sensical things about emotions. At least he realises that paedophilia is wrong. I have no reason to doubt that he turned his son in to the prosecuting authorities for a paedophile crime. And- facebook “Liked” this swan photo, having been silent about the swimming underwater one.


  3. In a lot of the scriptures the Abrahamic god does present itself as an abusive partner. this god seems to say, he loves you so much, that if you do not love him back, he will mess you up. For ever. Not a worthy character to deserve appreciation, let alone praise, worship, nor love.

    As to pedophilia (or sodomy) being compared to homosexuality, I would only say, that if you do not understand what is the difference between two adults consenting to what ever sort of sex they prefer, and an adult having sex with a child (or an animal), do not EVER have children (or pets).

    Weeping is something, that often comes afterwards. In a stressfull situation one bites hard and makes it through by shunning the strongest emotions, only to let them come out as tears afterwards. Or that is at least my experience. We Finns have a word for this, that to my knowledge there is no direct translation in English. We call the quality “sisu” to push on even against the most impossible odds and it is to “sisutella”, wich means to survive hard conditions only to relax afterwards.


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