Out of the Tunnel

I saw I was in a dark tunnel. On each side of it, there were doors. When I looked through them the impression of light and flashing colour was overwhelming and terrifying. So I stayed in the corridor, but (whether I walked down it, or back, or stayed still) it got darker and more constrained. I knew I had to go through a door, but it terrified me.

That was three years ago, on the Hoffman Process, which provides a sequence of crises and catharsis, and a number of ways to access ones own subconscious mind. So, I performed an exercise to hear my subconscious, and that was what it said to me.

Now, I feel I am through one of the doors, outside the tunnel. The colour and light remains overwhelming and painful, and so I lie curled up with my hands over my eyes, for as much darkness as I can gain; but I am outside, lying on the grass, not crushed in the darkness. And reality- myself, my feelings, other people, the World- though still overwhelming, are not so terrifying, so seemingly inimical.

I take this one step at a time. I am making progress. Everything is all right.

6 thoughts on “Out of the Tunnel

  1. YAY! Hooray! Is it a bit like the man who stays chained inside a cave, and when told he can go outside into bright sunlight is fearful of the colours? I applaud you, and all your progress. Have a few hugs! ((((((((XX))))))))


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