His Holiness the Dalai Lama

File:Dalailama1 20121014 4639.jpgStandard blog-post: prejudices and a bit of googling. But- I will record my prejudices, then see where the Googling takes me.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a Buddhist leader, symbol of unity for the oppressed Tibetan peoples and their diaspora, and source of wisdom which I mostly access through Facebook. Gems such as My dedication is to serve the 7 billion human beings on this planet and the other creatures with whom we share it. If you can, help and serve others, but if you can’t at least don’t harm them; then in the end you will feel no regret. posted on Tuesday 12th.

And then I see that while he is against discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation, he has said Buddhists should only have penile-vaginal sex.

What of, We must be willing to be revolted when science — or for that matter any human activity — crosses the line of human decency.  Here, the wider context seems unobjectionable. The basic goodness of human nature, which Catholicism does not recognise, is a good basis for allowing people to make their own decisions and not rushing to judgment.

Then I remember my Chinese friend. Religion performs two discrete functions. It gives a simple world view with comprehensible rules, so that those who obey the rules, and act normal, are all right. This is the “mostly friendly policeman in the sky” religion that Benedict caters. And, it gives freedom through mystic contemplation and knowledge of reality. This does not necessarily mean the ultra-liberal religion I follow, it can be much more orthodox than that. Most British Buddhists are converts, and have the latter purpose, but C told me that when she was growing up Buddhism performed the former role, even if it did not have just the one policeman.

So, there. I planned one blog post, contrasting silly, out of touch Benny with the cuddly, lovely Dalai Lama, and end with two more nuanced posts. Tenzin Gyatso the Ocean Guru has to lay down the law for some people.

4 thoughts on “His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  1. He seems like such a lovely man though! His interest in sexual style is completely out of character. I’m guessing he’s not allowed to have sex, which means maybe we can excuse him on grounds of ‘never actually done that’.


    • I think that pronouncement was in response to a direct question, and so it is different from the pope choosing to make a large part of his Christmas preaching about trans people with a nasty dig at the gays.

      People did refuse to join the Hitler Youth. That is a high courage which I can hardly criticise Benedict for lacking. OTOH the Dalai Lama seems to have shown courage against the Chinese.


      • It is still disappointing he can’t see beyond the ‘norm’ on that one. I understand he’s said that it’s perfectly possible for a woman to succeed him – would be interesting to hear a pope say that!!


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