Birds in flight

I did not seek a beautiful picture, but to tell a story.

reeds in the trees

Those clumps of reed on the branch stuck there when the river was in spate, and so show how high it has been. It is at average levels now.

birds in flight

This shows ducks in flight. It is my best of birds flying so far. Though I quite like my current header:

ducks in the mist

9 thoughts on “Birds in flight

  1. Hello Clare Flourish,
    Thank you for commenting on my photo and blog, I’m just getting started in the world of blogging so it is nice to get feedback. I’m still trying to find my voice and direction at this point. I visited your blog-nicely done! Enjoy!


    • No problem, Coobax, I am glad to help. Welcome. I love your web address, “Lucid stillness”. Thank you.

      Semantic note- I dislike the response “no problem” to “thank you”, I think “Of course there is no problem, why would there be?” I use it because it responds to the thanks, then I say “you are welcome” meaning “I am glad you are here”-

      Complex. Complex.


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