Healing II

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f0/Jacopo_Pontormo_058.jpgI am surrounded by beauty.

That man, his face is so expressive. The frown of concentration, staring at his netbook, then the joyful grin as he gets it. I love his big, powerful hands and his broad shoulders. We said nothing, he pulled his legs in as I got up to leave the train, and there was still an encounter. Oh, and there was a wind turbine. I always love the curve of the blades.

This morning (5 January) I was thinking how I cannot do healing. There is nothing more to it than placebo. Whether reiki or one of those physical techniques, G’s thing or U’s thing, all that time learning woo to bamboozle people. Even if you do pick up some cold reading techniques, I could not feel or express belief like she did. That was a moment of complete non-communication, her certainty and my incredulity. And- it is an important part of the treatment that is placebo, the expression of the healer’s belief.

H is scared about her cataract operation next week. I am anxious and frightened and angry. Why? I toy with various possible reasons. That would fit, but it is not that. It could be that. I need to know what I am going to do. Then, after about half an hour, I think, Oh, OK. I am anxious and frightened and angry. I just am. Suddenly the feeling is there, but the emotional identification with it, the investment and the importance of it, drain away. Interesting. That could be a useful technique.

I change trains and find a far more friendly fellow passenger. Poppy touches my knee, I caress her neck. Then she rolls over and I tickle her tummy. Maria, her owner, is pleased with the attention. Poppy, whose ears might be a foot from the floor if she holds her head high, is fifteen months old so has not much more to grow. Maria’s last dog she got from the police, who kept it three weeks for the owner to pick it up, then if no-one adopted it within another three weeks would have it put to sleep. She took it to get it microchipped, and the vet said it had been microchipped already. The vet offered to change the microchip details to hers. So microchipping is not much use. It occurs to me now that the police had called the owner, who had not wanted the dog back. Poppy’s collar has a tag with Maria’s phone number.

Poppy keeps getting down and jumping up at passing passengers. Maria wants her still. I think of giving reiki to Spot, who loved being on my lap. Ah. I have not even channelled Qi to myself for weeks, it is good to be reminded. There is something there. She likes you, said Maria.
-Well, I am a lovely person.
-They are very good judges of character.

The sky was beautiful, and now it is dark the occasional light passing is beautiful. Even the concrete of New St Station is- stimulating, involving, not depressing, filled with life, practical and effective.

The train gets in. I take the steps two at a time, walk as fast as I can with my heavy case, and get to the stop just in time for the last bus. Everything is OK.

6 thoughts on “Healing II

  1. Wonderful. My heart leapt when I read this, “Oh, OK. I am anxious and frightened and angry. I just am. Suddenly the feeling is there, but the emotional identification with it, the investment and the importance of it, drain away.” Observing without judgement feels like a key to peace, to acceptance of all states. If I can remember to catch myself in time, before the voices kick in, then it works beautifully.

    Bless you. xxx 🙂


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