12 12 12

12:12:12 is the day of alignment with all 12 dimensions of the Universe, and is the 12th initiatory gateway to higher consciousness

On this day we’ll receive a series of ‘Illumination Waves’ coming onto the planet, flooding the earth with high energies and activating the crystalline structure in our bodies, allowing us to hold more light in our cells. A new cycle of evolution now begins for planet earth, humanity and the cosmos!

Then, in the 9 days from 12-12-12 to 12-21-12, veils will begin to lift for all who wish to experience higher realms of consciousness and the 5th dimensional new earth paradigm.

Wishing you all magic and miracles on this spectacular day, and in the 9 days to come!

From Facebook.

I had hoped to get dressed today, but I am in bed with the cold. Monday I got the train home, went to the supermarket and put credit on the tokens for the gas and electricity meters- I am one of those, it appears, who cannot be trusted to pay for utilities by direct debit- though I got to the station and thought of just collapsing into a taxi. Good job I did not, as I have food for the week in, and should not freeze in darkness. Tuesday, I got up, though did not get dressed. Today I have just got up to get breakfast then lunch- missing the sacred moment of 12.12 on 12 12 12- and eaten in bed. Never mind, shortly it is 12.12 somewhere in mid-Atlantic, I could pray at that moment. Or not.

Oh wow! A Lao Tzu quote!

However new-agey the person quoting, Lao Tzu or Rumi are always worth reading, whether in full poems or in short phrases. I want to take all the value I may from the “Specialness” of this day. No, I do not believe we are aligning with the Galactic Centre, or even that today is particularly special in the ongoing spiritual revolution befalling humanity right now. But, what good could seeing it as special do me? I am retreated to my bedroom, my old ways of being in the World completely stripped away, ineffectual in an absolute sense-

And from this place I shall Rise 

like a Phoenix, my true self

at last liberated!

she ranted.

It is strange that in 2012, as the Global Financial Crisis deepens, inequality increases, people like me with unremarkable transferable work skills and an unremarkable degree get less money because there are so many of us, with few ideas of what we all could be doing, apocalyptic ideas flourish, at least on my Facebook news feed, and even with some of my karate friends, as well as the Personal growth fbfnds. The quintessentially British chain Boots the Chemist is bought up, its head office relocated to Switzerland so it can avoid UK Corporation tax, just like Starbucks does. Verily, I need those spiritual advances: be conscious and accepting of my own feelings, be strong in my own convictions, seek my own true good rather than to follow the rules, acceptance, valuing, gratitude and clear-sightedness.

6 thoughts on “12 12 12

  1. Hi Clare. Damn, missed it. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather – hope you shake that cold off soon. 12/12/12, the numerological sum of which is 9, which equals some form of great transformation, if you believe in that sort of thing, as does 21/12/12. Interesting, not that I do believe in that sort of thing of course. End of the world? Or a great transformation of the collective psyche? I hope so. I’ve had a crap year as well – far too much novelty for my liking ( a la Terrance Mc Kenna) – not that I believe in any of that either. But if we should all live to see 2013, you seem very politically aware, and in such an intelligent way, have you ever considered a political career?

    If you were my MP. I think I’d vote for you.




    • Lots of dates make 9 numerologically: 05 09 13, 24 01 13, it is the prettiness of the date not the Numerological Significance. Though cycling through the Numerological Significances every nine days would be bewildering: on 1 January we move from individual aggressor to action/restlessness, not what I expect of most Brits on 1 January.

      Politics? Hmmm…

      I don’t think I have had a bad year. I think I have been working through internal processes which I have absolutely needed to work through, and have worked through them at the pace I have. Your stated regard helps. Thank you.


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